The Stage is Being Set

A prophetic message

Future of the World

This comictract is a prophetic message received in 2008.

Unstable global financial markets, waves of bank­ruptcy, deepening unemployment, economic busts, markets plunging, collapsing consumer confidence, banking systems crashing — it does not seem that there is any place on earth im­mune from the financial crisis.

The Stage is Being Set

Can someone save the world from a global economic melt­ down? Who has the wisdom to deal with the crisis?

As economies crumble, poverty soars, and financial gloom spreads like wildfire, one thing is certain: Never before has there been such a need for someone to step up to the world’s eco­nomic helm.

The repercussions of economic globalization are bigger than anyone ever imagined. The effect that one nation’s financial woes has on others and ultimately the rest of the world is unprecedented. There’s a need for someone to man the controls, someone who can rescue the world from further turmoil.

Who will be able to rescue the world from this mess? Where have all the leaders gone? Who is capable?

There is someone. He’s been behind the scenes for some time now, waiting backstage to make his entrance. Although he’s not been in the public eye, he has nevertheless been demonstrating his deft capabilities. Though he’s unknown to most people, his presence can be felt as he manipulates and put things in line and sets the stage for his grand entrance.

There is a strongman behind the scenes who is bringing to the attention of the world the need for a savior, someone to come forward and take the reins. He’s been proving to the world that there is a need for someone to bring order out of the chaos and to save the global financial and economic system from grinding to a complete halt. So keep a keen eye on the head­lines and news. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground, because it won’t be long.

He hasn’t found it necessary to take control violently through warring with one nation after another, but has found a far more successful way to bring the globe to its knees: economics. By this means he has been systematically breaking down country after country, and will continue to do so until the governments of the world scream “uncle!” — at which time this superman will step on the scene, introducing his one world order and the establish­ment of his master plan to solve the world’s financial problems: a new global digital monetary system.

If this sounds like good news to you — that finally the world’s economic woes will be ended — take a closer look. Though the peace and stability this leader will offer will seem good in the beginning, as he helps restore the world economy and brings peace to troubled regions like the Middle East, his solutions will not last long.

The peace and security he will offer will come at a high price — it could cost you your freedom, as well as your soul. His regime will require that you receive his mark in your forehead or on your hand. Without it you won’t be able to buy or sell. Those who refuse to accept it will face grave consequences.

The peace and security he will offer will not last, because it is false. It’s only a counterfeit of the real peace and security that only I can give. His goal is to win as many over to his side as he can, before I return to set up the only true and righteous govern­ment, one ruled by truth and love. This impostor’s false peace and safety is not founded on enduring values, but on pride, hate, greed, and selfishness — all of which will fall in the end.

The global financial crunch happening right now is setting the stage and paving the way for this false savior and usurper who is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the world. It won’t be long before all the people of the world will have to make a choice. You will have to choose between the good or the evil — the false system of this pseudo-savior, the Antichrist, or My true righteous spiritual kingdom of truth and love. For I am the true Christ, the only true Savior of the world.

If you want freedom that will last, if you want lasting solu­tions to your problems, ask Me today for My help. I’ll not only help you through these difficult times and show you the way out of the mess this world is in, but I’ll give you My free gift of eternal life — free entrance into the new World of Tomor­row when I will establish My righteous government on earth, one based on truth and love. The one who is at this moment marshaling his forces behind the scenes is the counterfeit — the Antichrist — who speaks lies to deceive the nations. Which side will you choose?

All you have to do to receive My help is to simply ask for it by saying: “Yes, Jesus, I choose You. Please show me Your truth. Fill me with Your love, and give me Your eternal life. Teach me Your ways and how I can make it through the days ahead. Help me to learn about You, to stand up for the right, and to share Your truth with others.”

The Stage is Being Set

If you choose to call on Me for help, then as we become more acquainted in the days ahead I will show you more about the coming events and how to prepare for them. If you choose Me, you will never have to fear, for I am able to protect you and provide for you through miraculous means. I will always care for you, and will teach you how to live entirely independent from the false new world order, until the day when I return to earth Myself and establish righteous rule over all the world.

— Jesus

Illustrated by David Komic
Copyright © 2008 The Family International