Is The End near?

By Scott MacGregor

God on God

From "God on God" - an interview with the Creator

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What does God think about what's going on down here these days? Why did He make the planet in the first place? How does He feel about romance, love and sex? What does He think of the environment, the death penalty, euthanasia and other important social issues? What's Heaven like, and--perhaps of more concern to some of us--is there a Hell and how bad is it? And what does God do for fun?

God answers these and a host of other questions you've always wanted to ask Him in this absorbing collection of casual and candid interviews. What He has to say might surprise you!

Interviewer: All right. Here we are in the third millennium since Jesus was on earth. People have been going on about the end of the world for around 2000 years, and probably longer. Yet this old world just keeps plugging along. I think people have gotten a little tired of hearing about the end of the world.

God: Just because they are tired of it doesn't mean it won't happen.

Interviewer: Yes, I agree with You. But I think people picture the stereotypical doomsayer, someone a bit off his rocker, wearing a sandwich board with a big sign on it saying "The End Is Near!" I think people can be excused if they disregard this kind of thing.

God: I agree. But just because there is a kook or two saying this, doesn't mean that what they are saying is not fairly close to the truth.

Interviewer: So You are saying that the end is near?

God: The end of the world as you know it, yes!

Interviewer: Please elaborate on the "as you know it." What is going to happen?

God: Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Interviewer: Well, I am relieved to hear there are both. Perhaps if You just listed it sequentially, it would be best.

God: Very well. There is a lot of detail, but for clarity and simplicity I'll just hit the highlights.

Interviewer: Sounds good.

God: As many would agree, the earth has gotten into pretty bad shape. Its resources, especially water, are being used up at a rate that is not sustainable. So even if things were not heading for a climax according to the timetable that I set up at the beginning, something would have to be done. But because there is global disaster looming not just ecologically, but economically and militarily-a fact acknowledged in many quarters-these factors will help propel humanity into forming a united world government.

Interviewer: Like the United Nations.

God: No. The United Nations is just an organization with representatives from all nations but with little real authority. More or less a glorified debating society. What I am saying is that the nations will come together to form a one-world government that has the power to implement what it decides worldwide.

Interviewer: This sounds a bit far-fetched. Nations are not going to be that ready to surrender their sovereignty.

God: Nations already have. Many surrendered sovereignty over their economies long ago when they had to implement economic plans dictated to them by supranational institutions such as the IMF. Others, such as the nations of Europe, have surrendered parts of their sovereignty in order to form regional unions with other nations. So that bridge has been crossed.

Interviewer: Okay, say they do this. A united world government doesn't sound like a bad idea. At least it could put an end to wars, allow for equal distribution of resources, etc.

God: Don't kid yourself. Most wars in the world today are wars within nations, civil wars, and there is not a nation on earth that doesn't exhibit great disparity between rich and poor. So all that talk about peace and equality being instituted if the nations of the world were united under one government of man is just hot air.

Interviewer: But we'll still get a united world government according to what You just said.

God: Yes, you will.

Interviewer: Every government, even a one-world government, has its head.

God: Exactly, and you know who is going to be at the head of this one?

Interviewer: You?

God: Ha! No, not likely. At least not yet. The world is going to turn the reins of government over to a brilliant man who will command respect and allegiance from all.

Interviewer: A good leader for a change. Sounds like just the ticket.

God: That is what everyone-well, almost everyone-is going to say at first. But this man has a sinister secret. He is known by many names, but the one that is the most well known is "the Antichrist."

Interviewer: That doesn't sound very flattering. Why would he want to call himself the Antichrist?

God: He doesn't. But I have called him that, and the many millions of Christians who are aware of his imminent arrival on the world stage will recognize him for who he is and will so label him.

Interviewer: With a name like the Antichrist, I suppose he must be the antithesis of the real Christ.

God: Exactly! And it doesn't take a lot to conclude that if he is the Antichrist, he must therefore be getting his signals from a very different direction than Jesus did. As Jesus was God in human flesh, so, in parody, the Antichrist will be the Devil in the flesh.

Interviewer: Why would we choose the Devil in the flesh to be our world leader?

God: Because humanity will be both duped and desperate. Most will not recognize him for who he is, but will rather see in him someone with the ability and clout to rescue the world from its desperate situation. He will have already proven his worth by sorting out some very difficult issues and will already be acknowledged as the most astute politician and able problem-solver of the day.

Interviewer: But why will we be that desperate?

God: Because the world's economic and political conditions will be in turmoil. A worldwide economic crash will not just result in economic hard times, but also the disintegration of stable government. The world will be calling out for strong leadership, and in this man they will get it.

Interviewer: But, as You said, Christians will certainly recognize him for what he is.

God: Not all. Not even most at first.

Interviewer: Why is that?

God: Many of them don't expect to be around when he appears on the scene. Because of a misinterpretation of Scripture, they feel they will all be taken out of this world before that, in an event termed "the Rapture."

Interviewer: So do they have this wrong?

God: The Bible talks about Jesus returning in the clouds of the heavens just prior to the Battle of Armageddon. At that moment the Rapture occurs. This is the event when all who have received Jesus in their hearts will be transformed and taken up from this world to join Jesus in the air and thence to Heaven. Although this event is sure to transpire, many have placed its occurrence before the darkest days of the reign of the Antichrist begin. However, the Rapture actually occurs later, shortly before the great battle.

Interviewer: And that is a problem?

God: Yes, because at first these Christians are not going to be so ready to recognize the Antichrist for who he is, given that his appearance on the world stage does not happen according to the schedule of events that they are going by. So, alas, many will conclude that he cannot possibly be the Antichrist, but rather some precursor. They will initially play along with him.

Interviewer: So they end up playing with fire.

God: And they will get burned because of it. Many Christians are looking forward to Jesus' Second Coming. They have a hazy idea of some of the events to come and they realize that certain things must occur in Palestine, or Israel, before His return. One of those events is the building of the Jewish temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. Because this man will so organize things to facilitate this happening, they will give him their support in this. But I have leapt forward with regard to the sequence of events. Let Me backtrack a little.

Interviewer: By all means.

God: As I stated, the Antichrist becomes the leader of the world government. By his initiative, several measures are introduced. One is a comprehensive settlement governing the Middle East, primarily centered on the relationship of the State of Israel with the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors.

Interviewer: Excuse me for interrupting, but hasn't Israel already negotiated agreements with its Arab neighbors, including the Palestinians?

God: Indeed it has, but as you are well aware, those agreements are very tenuous and their implementation is spotty because they are fuzzy in their language and are open to a wide range of interpretation. Frustration with a lack of clear definition as to the terms of these agreements will lead all concerned to demand a comprehensive and definitive agreement with all parties, rather than just the bilateral agreements that are in place today. So a comprehensive agreement, with the Antichrist playing the role of "honest broker" and arbiter, will be negotiated and set in place.

Interviewer: What kind of agreement will this be?

God: This pact will have a seven-year term with the intention of it being reviewed and renegotiated at the end of that period. The pact, among other things, will deal with the issue of Jerusalem, particularly with regards to the coexistence of and access to the shrines and places of worship of the major monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. It will therefore earn the label "the Holy Covenant," a name by which it is known in the Bible.

Interviewer: So You're saying that the Antichrist starts off doing this really great thing in order to gain favor with the world, even the Christians? He's certainly going to win a lot of public admiration if he actually succeeds where so many have tried and failed before.

God: That's part of his plan.

Interviewer: But since these events are referred to in the Bible, shouldn't that set alarm bells ringing in the heads of Christians?

God: Many unfortunately don't know the Bible well enough to realize this. But for those who do, these events should and they will try to warn others. But by this time events will be rolling and the program of world government will have gained such momentum that protest will not be brooked.

Interviewer: You mentioned other measures instituted by this world leader. What are these?

God: As most astute observers will notice, even though a majority of people might disagree with a government on many issues, as long as the economy remains good, they will usually put up with what they have. So the world government's number one priority will be the economy. Today, an enormous amount of capital flows electronically throughout the world. Nations no longer decide their fate. This is now in the hands of the international financiers, investors and speculators. Speculation on a nation's currency or a sudden withdrawal of investments can bring that nation to ruin in days. This tactic will be used to lead the global economic collapse I mentioned earlier.

Interviewer: Won't people be ready to toss this Antichrist and his government out then?

God: To the contrary, people will demand that he intervene. To achieve recovery, the world government will bring to its ultimate conclusion the present digital trend in the world's economy.

Interviewer: Electronic commerce.

God: Not just electronic commerce and a total electronic economy! In the new economy it will not be efficient to mint coins or paper currency or use other paper securities. The swiftness with which transactions are made on an institutional level will need to be able to be utilized by the smallest entity in the economy-the individual. In order to do this, everyone will need a unique identity number by which his transactions will be logged. To assure that the number remains unique to that person and can be used by no one else, the number will be encoded in a microchip implant along with other vital statistics and data on the individual and then inserted under the skin in the right hand.

Interviewer: Like the implants now used in pets.

God: Yes, similar to those. This implant will go through many upgrades as further, more sinister uses are found for it. Eventually models will be produced to be inserted in the frontal lobe of the brain. You can only imagine what purposes that will be put to. This is the famous Mark of the Beast, the number 666 being associated with each individual's unique personal identity number. This system will coexist for a while with current financial systems, even cash, but eventually all who wish to buy or sell or transact any business whatsoever will need to convert to this Mark-of-the-Beast system.

Interviewer: Aside from Your obvious inference that this is bad, there seems to me to be lots of advantages to just such a system.

God: If there weren't obvious advantages, people would not buy into it. There are a lot of advantages as far as convenience and ease of purchasing and conducting other financial transactions, and that is why people will be willing to sacrifice their privacy. But that is the candy coating. The Mark will not just be for financial purposes, but it will be integrated into every aspect of life, so it will be made increasingly difficult to survive without this official registration. Then this world government will curtail personal freedoms in the interest of the "overall well-being of the masses" and will demand complete compliance to its rules and dictates, and eventually even worship of its leader.

Interviewer: So when does this happen?

God: Three and a half years after the signing of the Holy Covenant. The continuing squabbles and even wars between its signatory nations and entities will provide the pretext for the Antichrist, the arbiter, to declare the Covenant void and declare a type of international martial law. At that point, he will proclaim himself free from any constitutional restraints and assume dictatorial power. The Mark of the Beast will be declared mandatory, and anyone not receiving it will be regarded as an outlaw. It is at this point that the period called the Great Tribulation will begin.

Interviewer: Meaning a time of pretty enormous troubles?

God: Yes.

Interviewer: Universal trouble for everyone or just these "outlaws"?

God: It will be a time of trouble for everyone. The Christians by now would have wised up to what is happening, but many of them will be in quite a state of shock. Many people of other religious persuasions will also be in active opposition to the Antichrist, as will libertarians who don't want to have anything to do with his system. Whole nations will rebel, and there will be wars between the armies of the world government and these nations. There will also be an increase in natural disasters and other new and more scary plagues, as some of man's genetic engineering projects go awry and produce mega-insects and other biological freaks. It will be a world in chaos and confusion.

Interviewer: But why let it happen?

God: Man will have achieved his ultimate civilization: a united world government and economy based on his technological wonders. Yet it will lead the world to the brink of ultimate disaster. It is man at his pinnacle, but it will show just what a lousy job he does. It is the ultimate demonstration that, left to his own devices, man will make a terrible mess out of things.

Interviewer: But this isn't man on his own, right? I mean, we end up with the Devil for our leader. No wonder it is such a disaster.

God: Humanity as a whole chooses the Devil to be its leader.

Interviewer: But won't humanity be forced into it?

God: Manipulated, but not forced. Each individual will have a choice, and many will choose not to follow him.

Interviewer: Well, there You go. Not everyone goes down the merry path to destruction, so the world is not all bad.

God: I didn't say the world was all bad. I said that humanity as a whole, when left to their own devices, will make a hash of it. But there are those who will remain in resistance to the Antichrist and his government.

Interviewer: How will they survive if the regime is so totalitarian and the economy so controlled that they can't buy or sell?

God: In some areas the situation will be looser than others. It is a big world, and the Antichrist and his government will have a hard time controlling it all.

Interviewer: Am I right in supposing that Your sympathies are with the rebels?

God: Exactly. I will be helping them and will eventually rescue them.

Interviewer: Why "eventually" and not right away? You mentioned earlier that many Christians don't expect to be in the middle of all of this. Why leave them in it?

God: For the same reasons there are Christians in the world today. Their purpose is to be an example of their faith, to tell others about Jesus and to bring them into My kingdom. During the Great Tribulation, this will be needed more than ever.

Interviewer: But a lot of them aren't exactly samples of their faith now.

God: Unfortunately not, but they really won't have much choice then. They will have to either stand up for what they believe or become part of the Antichrist's system. They will soon find out that the Antichrist won't tolerate them, so they will have to cast their lot in with the rebels.

Interviewer: Okay, we have the Great Tribulation happening. What next? I hope there is a bit of an upswing.

God: The Great Tribulation will last for approximately three and a half years; one thousand two hundred and sixty days, to be precise. Then Jesus will return in the clouds with all the host of Heaven. Everyone will see Him as He circles the globe calling all His people to come to Him. Then will be the great Rapture I spoke of earlier, when all those who have received Jesus into their hearts, dead and alive, will rise to meet Him in the air.

Interviewer: I even have a bit of trouble flying in an airplane, but here You have people flying up to meet Jesus. I hope You do a number on me, otherwise I'm going to have to keep my eyes closed the whole time.

God: Don't worry! You'll find that you will have a new, transformed, superhuman body, similar in style to what you have now, but greatly improved and enhanced and impervious to harm. In these new and eternal bodies, all who believe will rise up into the sky in a mighty wave.

They will then be taken to the centerpiece of Heaven, the Heavenly City, where they will join with all those in Heaven to celebrate this great deliverance and victory in an event known as the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. It will truly be the most wonderful occasion to date held in Heaven.

Meanwhile on earth, the troubles will intensify and multiply dramatically. Many will die and still more will wish to die to get away from the horrible plagues and disasters that will be occurring.

Interviewer: What about those who were in the rebel resistance who were not Christians? It hardly sounds fair if they get caught up in all this too.

God: I will protect them during this time. It is during this period that the Antichrist will amass his forces to try to annihilate the main force of the remaining rebels. Battle will be joined on the plain of Megiddo in Israel. This is the famous Battle of Armageddon, a battle so fierce and terrible as to dwarf all other battles in its ferocity and carnage. It is in the midst of this battle that the forces of Heaven, under the leadership of Jesus Himself, will intervene and annihilate the Antichrist and his forces. The Antichrist himself will be captured and cast alive into the very depths of Hell. The Devil also will be imprisoned in his own special jail known as the Bottomless Pit.

Interviewer: Gripping stuff! With those two baddies out of the way, I guess we all go back to Heaven and live happily ever after.

God: We live happily ever after, but not just confined to Heaven.

Interviewer: How so?

God: It is at this point that earth is given over to the personal rule of Jesus and those who follow and love Him. For the next thousand years, it will be run the best way. There will be much to do to restore its damaged environment and to try and turn the world back into the Edenic state that it was in the beginning.

Interviewer: I suppose the cities will need a lot of repair as well, after all that they would have gone through.

God: As a matter of fact, I am not so keen on fixing up the cities-at least the major ones. I think the world is better off without them.

Interviewer: Without them? Where will we live? Uh oh! I sense that the answer is obvious. We are not all going back to the farm, are we, for goodness sake?

God: You don't like the farm?

Interviewer: Farm life is okay once in awhile on a weekend maybe, but living there?

God: Don't get too excited. There will still be urban centers, but they won't be the huge, overcrowded cities of today. They will be smaller, more intimate, more humane, and I assure you much more pleasant to live in. If farm life really isn't your cup of tea, there will be lots of alternatives.

Interviewer: And this lasts for a thousand years.

God: That's right.

Interviewer: So this is the good news You talked about at the beginning?

God: The beginning of it.

Interviewer: There is more?

God: Goodness gracious, yes! A thousand years is a drop in the bucket of eternity. This thousand years of peace and plenty and love and happiness is only the prelude.

Interviewer: I assume things only get better from then on.

God: Yes. There is a minor hiccup at the end of the thousand years, but that is all in the plan.

Interviewer: A hiccup?

God: It's all under control, so don't worry.

Courtesy of "God on God" by Scott MacGregor

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