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Articles are chosen without regard for denomination or affiliation. The editor does not endorse every statement set forth, but finds in each post ideas worthy of consideration or discussion in our pursuit of God.

Go ye...

By Francis Chan Feb 2020

Francis Chan, pastor, author and founder of Crazy Love Ministries, spoke at Moody Bible Institute's Founder's Week on Thursday, Feb. 6, … ...more:

I have a dream

By Martin Luther King Jr. Feb 2020

the voice of one crying in the wilderness ...more:

An Economic Hit Man Confesses and Calls to Action

By John Perkins Feb 2020

Imperialism at it's worst, and what you might do about it ...more:

The uncontrolling Love of God

By Pete, Jared & Tom Oord Jan 2020

This is from Pete Enns website "The Bible For Normal People." The Podcasts has the challenging and provocative subtitle, … ...more:

Oxford mathematician - how I found my Christian faith

By John Lennox Jan 2020

John Lennox tells his faith story and his continuing debates with the new atheists such as Richard Dawkins. ...more:

The Ministry of Intercession

By Andrew Murray Jan 2020

6 hours on "the power of prayer" ...more:

Christianity and the Tooth Fairy

With John Lennox Dec 2019

UCLA law professor Daniel Lowenstein interviews Oxford mathematician John Lennox with honest questions about Christianity and the grounds … ...more:

My Glimpse of Eternity

With Betty Malz Nov 2019

Young mother dies while on vacation, goes to heaven and returns to live 29 minutes later. ...more:


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