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Articles are chosen without regard for denomination or affiliation. The editor does not endorse every statement set forth, but finds in each post ideas worthy of consideration or discussion in our pursuit of God.

Going Down the Road

Composed by Sam Halbert Jul 2020

Some friends of mine put together a beautiful slideshow for a song I used to play when out witnessing. - The search for answers in life ...more:

How rich we are

Author unknown Jul 2020

Not all that glitters is gold... ...more:

Life changing Near Death Experience

Interview with Howard Storm Jul 2020

Howard Storm was an intellectual atheist who through a sickness had a deeply spiritual experience, which literally transformed him to … ...more:

Intimacy with God

By Andy Stanley Jun 2020

We often fall into the trap of living "for" God, or we live "under" the fear of God, or we use God to get things. - But God just wants to … ...more:

When He Returns

By Bob Dylan sung by Kevin Max Jun 2020

The climactic ending to the age old struggle between good and evil will culminate in the return of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. ...more:

The Apologist and the Missionary

By Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias May 2020

Their responses are complimentary but at the same time so very different, it takes all kinds to make a world. Francis Chan and Ravi … ...more:

Is this coronavirus a sign of the end?

By Rev. Danny Jones May 2020

Rev. Danny Jones inspirational Sermon from April 19th, 2020 "Is this coronavirus a sign of the end of the world" and how it relates … ...more:


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