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Articles are chosen without regard for denomination or affiliation. The editor does not endorse every statement set forth, but finds in each post ideas worthy of consideration or discussion in our pursuit of God.

What Do We Do with Evil?

By Fr. Richard Rohr Oct 2020

A series of short posts on the subject spanning a week ...more:

Forever young

By Pete Seeker Oct 2020

An old tune written by Bob Dylan and performed by Pete Seeker, "Forever young." was jazzed up a bit and promoted by Amnesty International a … ...more:

God Says...

By Tommy's Window Oct 2020

My grace is sufficient for you ...more:

Finding God In The Music

Speaker: Brian Zahnd Oct 2020

We are Stardust, we are golden ...more:

Does God Work All Things Together For Our Good? Not Exactly.

By Keith Giles Oct 2020

An clarification on a much used and mis-used bible passage ...more:

Liberty University Convocation

By Phil Vischer Sep 2020

when dreams doesn't come true - what do you do? It's a challenge to keep the faith when what you thought was God's will turns out not to be … ...more:

A Contemplative Look at The Bible

The Bible For Normal People- Episode 2: Richard Rohr - Sep 2020

Pete and Jared talk with Richard Rohr about the (biblical) universal Christ. ...more:

In the Morning

By Jerry Paladino Sep 2020

Sometime a solo guitar and a single voice can do more to reach into your heart than a rock band. ...more:

Seven Things the Holy Spirit Told Me About America

By Dr. Lester Sumrall Aug 2020

A warning to America 60 years ago. Fulfilled! God spoke to Dr. Lester Sumrall, telling him of things to come in America. He spoke of a … ...more:


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