The risk of Misinterpreting Prophecy

A very importand point about not getting carried away with what someone might consider a solid interpretation.

By Mark McMillion

Everyone has probably heard about times in history when someone has pointed out something they thought was about to happen, because they felt Bible prophecy was just about to be fulfilled. That happened twice, rather famously, over 100 years ago as a direct result of misunderstanding something that’s in the chapter we’ve recently been studying, Daniel chapter 8. And yet it’s happening in our times just as much if not more than it did back then.

With permission from Mark McMillion

A video and lecture Series

Throwing shade on Prophecy
Intro#2 to Bible Prophecy
Daniel Chapter 2
"No man knows the day and hour"
Daniel Chapter 7
Daniel Chapter 8
Alexander in Jerusalem
Misinterpreting Prophecy
Daniel Chapter 9a
Daniel Chapter 9b
Daniel Chapter 10
Daniel Chapter 11a
Daniel 11b “The Last 3½ Years”
Daniel Chapter 12
Daniel Chapter 11 (Audio)
Daniel Chapter 12 (Audio)
Will He find faith on the earth?
Are you worried about "the mark of the Beast"?

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