Daniel 9A

By Mark McMillion

The prophecy of "the 70 Weeks" of Daniel chapter 9 is one of the most amazing prophecies in the Old Testament. In this class on the first 69 of those "weeks", we look at the part of the prophecy that has already been fulfilled.

Run Time: 30 minutes (Click "full screen" icon to maximize view)

Published 7 Jun 2014 on YouTube

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A video and lecture Series

Throwing shade on Prophecy
Intro#2 to Bible Prophecy
Daniel Chapter 2
"No man knows the day and hour"
Daniel Chapter 7
Daniel Chapter 8
Alexander in Jerusalem
Misinterpreting Prophecy
Daniel Chapter 9a
Daniel Chapter 9b
Daniel Chapter 10
Daniel Chapter 11a
Daniel 11b “The Last 3½ Years”
Daniel Chapter 12
Daniel Chapter 11 (Audio)
Daniel Chapter 12 (Audio)
Will He find faith on the earth?
Are you worried about "the mark of the Beast"?

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