Alexander in Jerusalem

By Mark McMillion

Recounting an amazing historical event. (Supplimentary video to Daniel chapter 8)

In Daniel chapter 8, the coming of Alexander the Great and the empire of the Greeks were specifically predicted, 200 years before it actually happened. History records the visit of Alexander the Great to Jerusalem during his conquests of the Middle East around 332 BC. The high priest escorted Alexander into Jerusalem where he was shown the prophecy about himself that had been given to the prophet Daniel two centuries before. This video delves into that story and its significance for us and our times.

With permission from Mark McMillion

A video and lecture Series

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Daniel Chapter 2
"No man knows the day and hour"
Daniel Chapter 7
Daniel Chapter 8
Alexander in Jerusalem
Misinterpreting Prophecy
Daniel Chapter 9a
Daniel Chapter 9b
Daniel Chapter 10
Daniel Chapter 11a
Daniel 11b “The Last 3½ Years”
Daniel Chapter 12
Daniel Chapter 11 (Audio)
Daniel Chapter 12 (Audio)
Will He find faith on the earth?
Are you worried about "the mark of the Beast"?

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