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Your Battle Wounds Glow

Words of encouragement Jan 2021

I was thinking about the past year, and was wondering if the Lord could show me what to think about it. This is what came... ...more:

Keep Looking Up

there's hope, light and love up there Dec 2020

2020 has not been an easy year and there has been a lot of sad bad news. However when we look up, we get a better perspective. Here's the … ...more:

Seven Things the Holy Spirit Told Me About America

By Dr. Lester Sumrall Aug 2020

A warning to America 60 years ago. Fulfilled! God spoke to Dr. Lester Sumrall, telling him of things to come in America. He spoke of a … ...more:

Personal encouragement

we always get some any time we look up Feb 2020

Here are a few personal words from the Lord. He tailors His comfort to each differently, but I hope this can be an encouragement to others. ...more:

Melancholy Christmas

the outlook may not always be easy, but the up-look is great! Dec 2019

I had mixed feelings about Christmas 2019 and the New Year was looking uncertain, We were alone this Christmas. A few days before, 90-year … ...more:

Signs of the Times

By Simon Bennett & Harry Styles Jun 2019

can you see what's happening? ...more:

Confessions of a workaholic

Gimmi a break! Nov 2018

Doing things is in my DNA. I have always been interested in practical things, mechanics, how things work and what's "under the hood" ...more:

Cheer up!

a prayer and a prophecy Oct 2018

This was written when I was bothered about something, I can’t even remember what it was. – In any case, I asked the Lord … ...more:

What are you waiting for, Jesus?

thoughts at the turn of a new year Jan 2018

Incredibly 2017 has already passed. God only knows what 2018 will bring. I keep thinking the World can't get any worse and yet things keep … ...more: