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The Cosmic Egg

By Fr. Richard Rohr Feb 2021

Sometimes we confine ourselves to our little personal bubble. Here's a picture of a greater vision... ...more:

Evolving Faith

Voices in the Wilderness Feb 2021

Alternatives for folks tired of churchianity ...more:

Inclusive 2021: A Christian Conference For Everyone

By Keith Giles Oct 2020

Keith Giles went through the trouble of organizing a conference where everybody gets to have a say and all voices are being heard. You … ...more:

What's the fuss about foss?

FOSS is an acronym for "Free Open Source Software" May 2020

I switched to Linux a few years ago and made it a point to find alternatives to proprietary software (pricey copyrighted programs) in order … ...more:

In defence of decentralization

power to the people! Apr 2018

Many years ago in a far off land I thought I had it made. I was happy, felt fulfilled, was busy busy busy and had a finger in ever pie. In … ...more:

A Radical Ethic of Love

By Shane Claiborne Mar 2018

An On Scripture Feature with a focus on Acts 2:42-47. ...more:

Navigating life

By the editor Sep 2017

Two or three generations ago I'm sure even our forefathers thought the World had been upended - two world wars, the fall of empires, the … ...more:

World Brain

Forget big brother - take a look at Google! May 2014

Google is a digital vacum cleaner collecting all possible knowledge and information ...more: