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Life to Afterlife Death and Back

By Craig McMahon Mar 2021

Interviews with four people that died but came back to life, or also known as NDE, Near Death Experience. Their amazing stories will shock … ...more:

He Was There All the Time

By Tanica Campbell Dec 2020

We forget at times, but God remembers and is always there, He cannot deny Himself ...more:

Dr. Seth Postell's Testimony

I Met Messiah Dec 2020

Dr. Seth Postell shares his story on how growing up Jewish he came to know Jesus as Messiah! Seth wrote a book "Reading Moses, Seeing Jesus" ...more:

Jesus and Me

By Glen Campbell Nov 2020

Precious song, beautiful performance, powerful testimony ...more:

No Doubt About It

By We The Kingdom Nov 2020

Sometimes that seems like it’s so far away, but when we look back and see just how far we have come, we know that it can only be by the … ...more:

Here Comes the Son

By the editor Oct 2020

Did I ever tell you the story of that song, "Here comes the sun"? I believe it was written by George Harrison from the Beatles, and it’s … ...more:

Life changing Near Death Experience

Interview with Howard Storm Jul 2020

Howard Storm was an intellectual atheist who through a sickness had a deeply spiritual experience, which literally transformed him to … ...more:

When the Spirit came down from the Hills

How a friend of mine got mesmerized by the Holy Spirit Jun 2020

This is a story from the early days of the Jesus Revolution. At the time I was living and working in Iceland when a tall handsome American … ...more:

Growing Downwards

Taking a look at so-called progress Apr 2020

Why does everything have to keep going up and up and up? - Why this mad rush for progress? ...more: