World Brain

Forget big brother - take a look at Google!

The New Big Brother

Google is a digital vacum cleaner collecting all possible knowledge and information

"Google knows more about every digitally active citizen than George Orwell dared to imagine in his wildest dreams in '1984'."
- Open letter from Mathias Döpfner, German publishing house CEO.

World Brain is a collection of essays and addresses by the English science fiction pioneer, social reformer, evolutionary biologist and historian H. G. Wells, dating from the period of 1936–38. Throughout the book, Wells describes his vision of the world brain: a new, free, synthetic, authoritative, permanent "World Encyclopaedia" that could help world citizens make the best use of universal information resources and make the best contribution to world peace. (Wikipedia)

A Critical Re-Assessment of H.G. Wells’s Idea of a World Brain was written May 15, 1999 by W. Boyd Rayward

Forget big brother - take a look at Google!

In Genesis 11 God was displeased with the people of one language who in their pride were building the tower of Babel that was supposed to reach up to Heaven, so the Lord "restrained them and confounded their language and they left off to build the city."

Below is a documentary about Google. With it's search engine, Android operating system, YouTube, email, Docs, Maps, Street View, Analytics, Google glasses, Google Translator etc.

Are they trying to bridge the gap God created some 4000 years ago so they can finish their city and everything else "they have imagined to do"? :)

PS: Original video was replaced by Google with a watered down PR-ish version. Alternatively here is another documentary about Google.

Of course "Russia Today" has it's own agenda, this documentary with Julian Assange is surprisingly also found on YouTube (owned by Google!)

Google/NSA Don't Be Evil

Courtesy of YouTube

Notable quote:
"Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge in a loving manner!"

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