Your Battle Wounds Glow

Words of encouragement


I was thinking about the past year, and was wondering if the Lord could show me what to think about it. This is what came...

"You are to think thoughts of gratefulness, love & faith because I have promised to be with you always, world without end! The waves may roar, the storms may rage, but My Anchor holds! Many are the afflictions of the righteous but I deliver them out of them all as you well know. And you can trust in that promise. Therefore hold on to your faith because it's the only true coinage of the realm. When the winds blow, when the earth quake, when the fire burns I am an ever present help in trouble, a friend in adversary, a shelter from the storm, a refuge from the calamity.

"Have I ever failed you yet? I have brought you through many a storm, helped you through many trials and tribulations. Yes you have had losses, you have had sorrows, but your are still here right? You are still holding on to your faith. Your idendity is intact even if it looks tattered and torn to others, to Me you shine with that special glow, that sparkle and shine that is polished by the battles, by the purgings, by the fires or affliction. You are coming out even finer gold from the furnace.

"So rejoice and be exceeding glad for great is your reward in Heaven and in the here and now as well. Nothing can compare to the value that such faith holds. Rejoice I say, rejoice!"

It reminds me of that song by Jerry Paladino, "Battle Wounds" - Curtesy of "NuBeat"

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