Shelter from the Storm

Can peace and clarity be found?

peace in storm

It sure is stormy right now, so much un-certainty - much chaos and confusion - no wonder some people say, I don't even watch the news any more.

I like to stay informed, but with so many voices screaming and hollering it's no easy task to find the truth - I'm not just talking about world events, but even such a simple thing as doing research, because there is so much profit driven drivel out there it's becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable and unbiased information.

A while back I heard a young person say, "my generation doesn't even watch the news any more." At the time I thought it was kinda crazy to say something like that, but now I am beginning to understand why he would say it. I'm sure there is a balance to be found between the right and the left, the main-stream (or "lame-stream" media as someone called it) and the expose buffs, but you sure have to wade through a lot of garbage to arrive at an informed opinion.

It's much easier to just ask the Lord what He thinks. He'll speak to you if you'll listen!

It reminds me of that song, "Peace in the Midst of a Storm" - Curtesy of "NuBeat"

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