Some Reflections

My kind of music

from Golden Gate Quartet to The Beatles

As a kid I received a 2nd hand reel-to-reel Tandberg tape recorder as a birthday present. That was the start of my love for music, and it became a big part of my growing up... The Golden Gate Quartet, Sonny Boy Williamson, Oscar Peterson, and later on Bob Dylan, The … ...more

Academia for Dummies

OR... my own experience with academia

Ever since I spent a couple of weeks in my school holiday at a factory stamping out small metal signs I was determined to get an education. I did not want to sit in an assembly line ever again. ...more

A few drops of oil

what a difference it can make

I have this hair trimmer that was given to me many years ago from my good friends in Switzerland where we used to pick up humanitarian aid to bring to Ukraine. ...more

First or last resort

when you need Him the most...

Someone told me of a talk they had with a young person who had grown up in a missionary environment. When the conversation turned to the Lord this person said something like, "yeah I know He is there but I don't really need Him right now." - I was shocked! ...more

Feeling the atmosphere

is it a thrill or a chill?

When you cross a border you can sometimes literally sense the principalities and powers. ...more

Kindness - Part 2

From the editor

You will never have a friend if you must have one without a fault. ...more