Some Reflections

Why giving is good for your health

From dust we are and to dust we shall return, so what's the use of heaping up treasures on earth when you can't take it with you? The Beatles sang, "Can't buy me love!" Or as another saying goes, "Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag it's tail." ...more

Searching for truth

More about the confusion - written in the Spring of 2020

Someone wrote me the other day saying, "Oh my where do you find the truth especially where the media is concerned." ...more


Interesting alternatives

I was always interested in inventions, how things work, what makes it tick, energy and motors. When I was 13 I renovated my first moped and at 17 I build a Triumph motorcycle from parts in banana boxes. ...more

Personal encouragement

we always get some any time we look up

Here are a few personal words from the Lord. He tailors His comfort to each differently, but I hope this can be an encouragement to others. ...more

Melancholy Christmas

the outlook may not always be easy, but the up-look is great!

I had mixed feelings about Christmas 2019 and the New Year was looking uncertain, We were alone this Christmas. A few days before, 90-year old granny went to the hospital with pneumonia, and we had to shuttle back and forth to see her. What do you do when the mood is low? - You talk to the Lord and … ...more

Back to basics

after much head stuffing

You could say that this post is a follow up to what I wrote in "The Centerpiece"

In recent years I've been following debates and lectures on YouTube and reading Christian writings from authors like N.T. Wright, Pete Enns, John … ...more