Some Reflections

Inch by Inch

Some thoughts on how to cope

I was wondering how to get through the next few months, there are so many uncertainties so many unanswered questions, and so many decisions to make. ...more

The Big Game

By Micky Mantle

This is a message that was received from beyond - if you can believe it... ...more

Does God stoop to our level?

We cannot fathom Him, but perhaps He relate to us.

We all see God in a different way, based on our culture, experiences and imagination. ...more

What's going on?

a comment and a talk with Jesus...

When will Jesus return? Will it be soon? Will it be in our lifetime? Is this the so-called "Great Confusion?" And if so, is that "The handwriting on the wall"? And what should we do about it? ...more

A Pandemic Easter

Waiting for the Resurrection

Everywhere I see people perplexed and uncertain trying to make it through one more day. What kind of Easter is that? ...more

Are you a Cafeteria Style Christian?

it depends...

The expression "Cafeteria Style Christian" is generally used as a derogatory term for people who pick and chose their favourite passages from the Bible and discard the rest. ...more