Some Reflections

The Old Book

How do we relate to the bible today?

Is it possible to keep your faith in Jesus when you realise the book could be flawed? Should we just forget about the book and maybe even about God? ...more

Have you ever felt like you are drowning?

when hope is thin...

I heard it said that, “faith is not a belief, faith is what you have left when all your beliefs has been blown to hell” ...more

Evolving Faith

Voices in the Wilderness

Alternatives for folks tired of churchianity ...more

Shelter from the Storm

Can peace and clarity be found?

It sure is stormy right now, so much un-certainty - much chaos and confusion - no wonder some people say, I don't even watch the news any more. ...more

Your Battle Wounds Glow

Words of encouragement

I was thinking about the past year, and was wondering if the Lord could show me what to think about it. This is what came... ...more