What the Bible, Jesus and Christianity are actually all about.

By Tim Mackie

Janis Joplin

So many people incorrectly assume what Christians believe; that we are trying to live a good life so that hopefully our good outweighs our bad and God will let us go to Heaven rather than Hell.

God is apparently working to get the Hell out of the World (pardon the pun :-)

Runtime about 28 minutes

Published on Sep. 2017 on YouTube.

Random Tiramisu's

God's signature in your D.N.A.

By DR Isiah Rubinstein & Dr. Georgia Purdom Mar 2021

A short video clip from Israeli scientist and a longer video explaning how Genetics is astonishing evidence of a Designer, who created an amazing “information system” for encoding life. ...more:

The Firmament of Genesis 1

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does the Universe have a center, and is there water at the edge? ...more: