Philip James Walton 1956 -2021

By those who remember

beloved brother

In loving memory of Phil. A kind unassuming and faithful brother who has now gone on to his reward.

I knew Phil from Scandinavia in the early days, I remember him as a kind and dependable brother who always wore a smile. Here's a video his loved ones put together in honour of his memory. We'll meet again on the other side bro.

Runtime 15 minutes

Published April 2021 on YouTube.

Random Tiramisu's

Inclusive 2021: A Christian Conference For Everyone

By Keith Giles Oct 2020

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Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?

By Larry Norman sung by Janis Joplin Jun 2021

You'd never think Janis would sing a song like this, she had tried it all. Perhaps this was a cry of desperation. ...more: