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Can you get angry at God?

From John in the Middle East Dec 2021

Dealing with dark times, and how to talk to God about it. Here's something John sent to me... ...more:

Love is a Do Thing

By Tommy's Window Nov 2021

How actions manifest love, even little acts of love and kindness are weightier than the grandest intentions. It's not so much about what you say but what you do that counts. ...more:

Four Magic Words Got Him Out of Hell

By Howard Storm Nov 2021

Howard Storm's Near Death Experiences (NDE) where as an atheist he went to Hell and then was saved by Jesus and shown Heaven and Angels. This is his testimony. ...more:

To wax or not to wax, that is the question...

Oct 2021

Regardless how the Covid-19 virus was let loose upon the World, the fact is that it is here, so what do we do about it? ...more:

World Control

By Charles Lawson Sep 2021

Current events in relation to End Time prophecy including the Great Reset, the Pandemic and the New World Order. ...more:

Hope Heals

By Jay and Katherine Wolf Aug 2021

Beautiful testimony of the incredible grace of God to persevere in the midst of devastation and loss. ...more:

From Atheist to Believer

By Mark McMillion Jul 2021

The true story of a good friend of mine, a former Atheist, who turned Believer! ...more:

Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?

By Larry Norman sung by Janis Joplin Jun 2021

You'd never think Janis would sing a song like this, she had tried it all. Perhaps this was a cry of desperation. ...more:

Inch by Inch

Some thoughts on how to cope Jun 2021

I was wondering how to get through the next few months, there are so many uncertainties so many unanswered questions, and so many decisions to make. ...more: