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What is Contemplative Prayer...

By Fr. Richard Rohr Oct 2018

and Why is it so Needed? ...more:

What are you waiting for, Jesus?

thoughts at the turn of a new year Jan 2018

Incredibly 2017 has already passed. God only knows what 2018 will bring. I keep thinking the World can't get any worse and yet things keep getting more crazy. ...more:

Logic vs. Inspiration

never the twain shall meet Aug 2017

The Catholics often use the illustration of a little angel sitting on one shoulder speaking in one ear, and an imp or a little devil on the other shoulder speaking in the other ear. ...more:

How to Win the Culture War

By Peter Kreeft Nov 2015

Who is actually the enemy? - By Peter Kreeft ...more:

In between winds

while waiting for the change Jan 2015

The other day we took a stroll along the water front enjoying the beauty of a large lake. The rugged mountains rising on both sides supplies fresh water in abundance. ...more:

The Princess and the Dragon

By Michael Roy Feb 2013

An allegory of coming events ...more: