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The Centerpiece

It's not that complicated Jul 2019

In recent years I have been reflecting on my journey - what did I get right and what did I get wrong - what was true and what was perhaps embellished by naivety and youthful enthusiasm. ...more:


By Sarah Bessey May 2019

a prayer for seekers who continue to explore their faith. ...more:

A few drops of oil

what a difference it can make May 2019

I have this hair trimmer that was given to me many years ago from my good friends in Switzerland where we used to pick up humanitarian aid to bring to Ukraine. ...more:

Feeling the atmosphere

is it a thrill or a chill? Apr 2019

When you cross a border you can sometimes literally sense the principalities and powers. ...more:

What is Contemplative Prayer...

By Fr. Richard Rohr Oct 2018

and Why is it so Needed? ...more:

What are you waiting for, Jesus?

thoughts at the turn of a new year Jan 2018

Incredibly 2017 has already passed. God only knows what 2018 will bring. I keep thinking the World can't get any worse and yet things keep getting more crazy. ...more:

Logic vs. Inspiration

never the twain shall meet Aug 2017

The Catholics often use the illustration of a little angel sitting on one shoulder speaking in one ear, and an imp or a little devil on the other shoulder speaking in the other ear. ...more:

How to Win the Culture War

By Peter Kreeft Nov 2015

Who is actually the enemy? - By Peter Kreeft ...more:

In between winds

while waiting for the change Jan 2015

The other day we took a stroll along the water front enjoying the beauty of a large lake. The rugged mountains rising on both sides supplies fresh water in abundance. ...more: