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He Was There All the Time

By Tanica Campbell Dec 2020

We forget at times, but God remembers and is always there, He cannot deny Himself ...more:

Heaven is full of sinners

By Jeremy Spencer Dec 2020

Contrary to what some religious bigots think there are open arms and a wide open heart ready to welcome all who call upon his name regardless of circumstances or misdeeds. ...more:

When Is The Rapture?

with Joseph Candel Nov 2020

Is Jesus is coming back any day now to rapture us out of what is fast becoming a nightmare world? This is what many Christians are counting on, because this is what they have been taught. But is this a false expectation? ...more:

Here Comes the Son

By the editor Oct 2020

Did I ever tell you the story of that song, "Here comes the sun"? I believe it was written by George Harrison from the Beatles, and it’s such a bright tune full of hope. ...more:

Forever young

By Pete Seeker Oct 2020

An old tune written by Bob Dylan and performed by Pete Seeker, "Forever young." was jazzed up a bit and promoted by Amnesty International a while back. It goes to show that even if old and have lost your voice, you can still deliver a blessing :-) ...more:

God Says...

By Tommy's Window Oct 2020

My grace is sufficient for you ...more:

A Contemplative Look at The Bible

The Bible For Normal People- Episode 2: Richard Rohr - Sep 2020

Pete and Jared talk with Richard Rohr about the (biblical) universal Christ. ...more:

Abide With Me

By Audrey Assad Mar 2020

when the shadows grow long... ...more:

The uncontrolling Love of God

By Pete, Jared & Tom Oord Jan 2020

This is from Pete Enns website "The Bible For Normal People." The Podcasts has the challenging and provocative subtitle, "The Only God-Ordained Podcast on the Internet." Questions are raised that many Christians are afraid to ask. ...more: