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My kind of music

from Golden Gate Quartet to The Beatles Sep 2022

As a kid I received a 2nd hand reel-to-reel Tandberg tape recorder as a birthday present. That was the start of my love for music, and it became a big part of my growing up... The Golden Gate Quartet, Sonny Boy Williamson, Oscar Peterson, and later on Bob Dylan, The … ...more:

Cosmic Christ

By Richard Rohr Sep 2022

...if we could truly grasp this reality, we might finally come to realize the Oneness of Christ with all things – and all people" ...more:

Mythology and Religion

Aug 2022

I've often thought about how the mythology of different cultures correspond to the Bible. ...more:

Israeli Psychologist finds Jesus

By Dr. Erez Soref Aug 2022

I love listening to stories of how people find and fall in love with Jesus. ...more:

Is There Any Evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible?

By Cold-Case Christianity - J. Warner Wallace Aug 2022

Did people unfriendly to Christianity confirm the life of Jesus? ...more:

The End of US Hegemony & The Rise Of BRICS

An interview with Benjamin Norton Aug 2022

The geopolitical shift is coming slowly but surely. ...more:

10 Lies of Contemporary Culture

By Dr. Peter Kreeft Aug 2022

Commencement Address at Franciscan University ...more:

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

By Simon and Garfunkel Jul 2022

How the song came about and how it was inspired by listening to Gospel music. ...more:

Back to the Jungle

By Jerry Paladino Jul 2022

Where exactly are we headed??? My thoughts on some of the things going wrong and why… (OMG, did we throw out the BABY with the bathwater?!?!) ...more: