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Missionaries and Disordered Workethics

By Michele Phoenix Dec 2022

We must rest in the certainty that God loves us so much more than he needs us." ...more:

How and why to share the Good News

By Dr. Timothy Keller Nov 2022

In season and out of season, we preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ! ...more:

Life After Life

By Raymond Moody Nov 2022

In Life After Life Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived. ...more:

From Suicide to the Spoken Word

By Anderson Reign, “A Poet for Our Time” Oct 2022

Anderson shares the amazing account of how God saved him and transformed his life into becoming one of the most inspirational poets of our day. ...more:

Victory in and Through the Great Tribulation!

with John Patrick and Christopher Glyn Oct 2022

Global calamities escalate by the day! And with increased references to "nuclear" retaliation, is the world thinking the unthinkable and imagining the unimaginable? — How to Prepare and Stay Positive! ...more:

My Covid journey

Oct 2022

I haven't felt this miserable since the 1980-ies when sick with Dengue fever in Bangkok ...more:

Newsletter from Dnipro

Aug 2022

Joy visiting Katia, a mother of 5 children in Dnipro ...more:

Mythology and Religion

Aug 2022

I've often thought about how the mythology of different cultures correspond to the Bible. ...more:

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

By Simon and Garfunkel Jul 2022

How the song came about and how it was inspired by listening to Gospel music. ...more: