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Morning Prayer

Aug 2022

Waking up from a troubled dream ...more:

Thoughts on Salvation?

Can you explain the supernatural? Jun 2022

is it a feeling, and experience, a conviction, a faith or what? ...more:

The trouble with being troubled

what do you do when feeling overwhelmed? Jun 2022

The outlook may not be very promising, but the up-look is great! ...more:

How to Recognize God's Voice

By Rick Warren Apr 2022

Don't believe everything you hear just because someone says it is a message from God; test it first to see if it really is!" ...more:


By Christine Caine Apr 2022

55 minutes of passionate preaching by a Greek fireball from Australia. ...more:

Receive Miracle Healing

By TL Osborn Feb 2022

Put on your headphones, lay back and listen to this if you need some encouragement for your faith. - Gimmi that ol' time religion! ...more:

If You Ever Feel the Need

By Jerry Paladino/Philip Johnson
(Visualization: Tommy's Window) Jan 2022

He created everything ahead of time, thinking of us and anticipating our every need, so that we would lack nothing. And today, millenniums later, He stands ready to receive us--whenever we're ready, whenever we decide it's time... He's always been there for us ... ...more:

The Struggle to be Relevant

Written December 2021 Dec 2021

It's easy to get addicted to accomplishments. I know that's true for me. I go from one thing to the next just to try to be useful and have things to show for my efforts. ...more:

Can you get angry at God?

From John in the Middle East Dec 2021

Dealing with dark times, and how to talk to God about it. Here's something John sent to me... ...more: