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When the Detour Becomes the New Road

By Vaneetha Risner May 2023

The old road often seems like it was more relaxing and easy to drive. The new road can be bumpy and twisty, narrow with sharp curves. And I find myself longing for the ease of what I used to have. ...more:

Heavy Metal singer, "Amazing Grace"

By Dan Vasc May 2023

This is the kind of person who should sing this hymn... ...more:

John Pilger’s Guide to Propaganda

Video interview Apr 2023

Journalist, author and filmmaker John Pilger, who has spent decades studying governments’ nefariousness, tells Katie Halper how to spot propaganda. ...more:

Keep Changing

By Richard Rohr Apr 2023

The first word that comes out of Jesus’ mouth is change—be willing to change. ...more:

The Hypocrisy of the Christian Church

By Chris Hedges Apr 2023

we are here today to call out the Pharisees, the ones who speak about loving the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized, in the abstract, but who really love the rich... ...more:

Powerlessness: Weekly Summary

By Richard Rohr Apr 2023

Admitting our powerlessness frees us to allow the One who is Power to become active in our lives. ...more:

Central Bank Digital Currency -Towards Absolute Control

By Simon Elmer Mar 2023

No new technology is good or bad in itself, and only its application can and will determine whether we should embrace or resist its implementation. ...more:


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