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Love is a Do Thing

By Tommy's Window Nov 2021

How actions manifest love, even little acts of love and kindness are weightier than the grandest intentions. It's not so much about what you say but what you do that counts. ...more:

Four Magic Words Got Him Out of Hell

By Howard Storm Nov 2021

Howard Storm's Near Death Experiences (NDE) where as an atheist he went to Hell and then was saved by Jesus and shown Heaven and Angels. This is his testimony. ...more:

Dying to meet Jesus

By Randy Kay Oct 2021

Amazing details about Jesus and life in Heaven and how Randy's NDE changed his purpose in this life. ...more:

New Life!

My story of finding the real meaning to life. Sep 2021

Hello! My name is Eva and I would like to share with you a wonderful story of how Jesus came into my life and brought true joy and happiness and a sense of real meaning to my life. ...more:

Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife

By Raymond Moody Aug 2021

People describe it as complete compassion and love ...more:

From Atheist to Believer

By Mark McMillion Jul 2021

The true story of a good friend of mine, a former Atheist, who turned Believer! ...more:

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

By Nabeel Qureshi Jul 2021

Answers about Islam and Muslims in the light of Jesus ...more:


By Emily Johnstone Apr 2021

There is joy in life - look for it, nurture it and share it. ...more:

Life to Afterlife Death and Back

By Craig McMahon Mar 2021

Interviews with four people that died but came back to life, or also known as NDE, Near Death Experience. Their amazing stories will shock some and comfort others. ...more: