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Cosmic Christ

By Richard Rohr Sep 2022

...if we could truly grasp this reality, we might finally come to realize the Oneness of Christ with all things – and all people" ...more:

Newsletter from Dnipro

Aug 2022

Joy visiting Katia, a mother of 5 children in Dnipro ...more:

News from East Ukraine

Mar 2022

On of my friends wrote me the other day in answer to my question about the condition in the town there about 100km from the front line. ...more:

A Whole Hearted Soul

By the editor Mar 2022

It was impossible not to love Jørgen Juul - or "Christmas", or "Stephen" or "Jericho Judah with the Banner of Love", or "Angelo" or any of the other names, and bible names, he liked to use. ...more:

Receive Miracle Healing

By TL Osborn Feb 2022

Put on your headphones, lay back and listen to this if you need some encouragement for your faith. - Gimmi that ol' time religion! ...more:

The Challenge of Islam

with Brother Andrew, God’s Smuggler Feb 2022

In this film, Brother Andrew describes his calling and how he feels about his mission in the Muslim world. The only way to win is with prayer and love! ...more:

If You Ever Feel the Need

By Jerry Paladino/Philip Johnson
(Visualization: Tommy's Window) Jan 2022

He created everything ahead of time, thinking of us and anticipating our every need, so that we would lack nothing. And today, millenniums later, He stands ready to receive us--whenever we're ready, whenever we decide it's time... He's always been there for us ... ...more:

Pity the Powerful

Jan 2022

They say Bill Gates' net worth in 124 billion dollars. Who knows maybe they got it wrong, perhaps it's only 120 billion, or may be more like 200 billion. - What does it matter? ...more:

You Only Left Heaven for Love

Lyrics: Michael Fridley, A. Gilligan Music: Michael Fridley Dec 2021

This is a song that I love to listen to for Christmas - you can learn to play it too... ...more: