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To wax or not to wax, that is the question...

Oct 2021

Regardless how the Covid-19 virus was let loose upon the World, the fact is that it is here, so what do we do about it? ...more:

World Control

By Charles Lawson Sep 2021

Current events in relation to End Time prophecy including the Great Reset, the Pandemic and the New World Order. ...more:

Time to detox

is there an app for this? Jun 2020

When you suffer from information overload, when everybody is yelling and there is conflict on every side. When official and social media are exploding with sensations, and when common sense is no longer common, it's time to hit the detox button. ...more:

Taking Back the Internet

Can we please get back to the original idea? Jun 2020

Currently Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and a number of other big profiteers have not only monetized the Internet, but have taken the masses hostage to their manipulation. ...more:

What's the fuss about foss?

FOSS is an acronym for "Free Open Source Software" May 2020

I switched to Linux a few years ago and made it a point to find alternatives to proprietary software (pricey copyrighted programs) in order to accomplish what I needed to do with Open Source tools. I am happy to report that my experience has been a positive one. ...more:

Water, Ultimate Giver of Life

By Michael Denton Apr 2020

Materialists insist the universe is in no way specially intended for human life. That contention can't survive an encounter with the miracle of this element. - God bless the One who invented water ...more:


Interesting alternatives Mar 2020

I was always interested in inventions, how things work, what makes it tick, energy and motors. When I was 13 I renovated my first moped and at 17 I build a Triumph motorcycle from parts in banana boxes. ...more:

A few drops of oil

what a difference it can make May 2019

I have this hair trimmer that was given to me many years ago from my good friends in Switzerland where we used to pick up humanitarian aid to bring to Ukraine. ...more:

Confessions of a workaholic

Gimmi a break! Nov 2018

Doing things is in my DNA. I have always been interested in practical things, mechanics, how things work and what's "under the hood" ...more: