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Hurried Century

A compilation Jul 2024

"The hurrier I go the behinder I get" ...more:

Broken and Grateful

By Andy Stanley Jul 2024

How we can disagree culturally and politically, and still love unconditionally. ...more:

The Story of the King James Bible

Narrated by Ken Connelly May 2024

This is a documentary about how we got our first English Bible. Did you know that thousands of people were killed in 15th England because they spoke or wrote the Bible in English? ...more:

End Time Events & the Russia Ukraine War

With Mark McMillion and "Bible for you!" Apr 2024

A discussion about current events, historical background and what it might lead to. ...more:

New Life!

My story of finding the real meaning to life. Apr 2024

Hello! My name is Eva and I would like to share with you a wonderful story of how Jesus came into my life and brought true joy and happiness and a sense of real meaning to my life. ...more:

Thoughts on 2024

By Paul Dec 2023

At the end of the year I usually try to take stock of where I am, and what is to be expected in the coming year. ...more:

Christmas and prophecy

By Mark McMillion Dec 2023

No other event from 2000 years ago holds the attention of the world like Christmas and the birth of Jesus does. ...more:

It's REALLY Happening

By Russel Brandt Sep 2023

IMF, politicians and private sector discuss the move to Central Bank Digital Currencies. Is this leading to a brighter economic future for ordinary people, or to a social credit system for control of your every move? ...more:


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