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Is There Any Evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible?

By Cold-Case Christianity - J. Warner Wallace Aug 2022

Did people unfriendly to Christianity confirm the life of Jesus? ...more:

The End of US Hegemony & The Rise Of BRICS

An interview with Benjamin Norton Aug 2022

The geopolitical shift is coming slowly but surely. ...more:

Freedom of Choice?

The Political System is Broken Jul 2022

Is there such a thing as an ideal form of government in this day and age? And if not, what do we do about it? ...more:

Chinese records of Jesus

May 2022

The birth, death and resurrection of Jesus was recorded in the time of the Han Dynasty by Chinese astronomers and scholars in the year 5 BC. ...more:

The Godmother of Rock’n’Roll

Sister Rosetta Tharpe May 2022

The story of a Gospel singer legend who became a great inspiration to the music world. ...more:

End Time Events & the Russia Ukraine War

With Mark McMillion and "Bible for you!" Apr 2022

A discussion about current events, historical background and what it might lead to. ...more:

St Patrick

The Irish Legend Mar 2022

a dramatized story of how Ireland was converted ...more:

Christmas of Bygone Days

A poem by the editor Dec 2021

My two older brothers and I grew up in Copenhagen with a single mom. I wrote this poem in remembrance of Christmas Eve when I was small. ...more:

Noah's Ark Found

in Turkey Sep 2021

Radar scans show pattern of timbers, keels, animal chambers, ramp, door, an open center area for air flow to all three levels. ...more: