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A Breakthrough in Consciousness

By Franciscan Sister Ilia Delio Nov 2023

We cannot know this deeper divine reality if we live only on levels of mediocrity and self-preservation. ...more:

The Wailing Wall

By Brother Nathanael Nov 2023

Wake up call for Christians who support jews, who Jesus Christ condemned before they were cast out of Palestine, and their temple was demolished 70 years later. ...more:

Understanding Gaza, under fire and under siege

UK Column interview Nov 2023

Mike Robinson speaks to Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlet and Cynthia McKinney about their experiences of living in Gaza. ...more:

Jesus’ Most Scandalous Parable

By Brian Zahnd Oct 2023

...there it is, right in the middle of the Gospel of Matthew, a parable from Jesus featuring a radical egalitarianism that will no doubt offend the sensibilities of a convinced capitalist. ...more:

Palestinians Have a Legal Right to Armed Resistance Against Israeli Colonialism

By Ben Norton Oct 2023

International law clearly shows that the Palestinian people have a legal right to armed struggle against Israeli colonialism, just as South Africans did against apartheid. ...more:

Anger Management

How do you keep from blowing your stack? Sep 2023

With wanton abuse of the innocent, callous profiteering from arms sales, for youth to become cannon fodder. With the lies in the media and and corruption in governments it's difficult not to blow a fuse. ...more:

A Vivid Afterlife Experience

By Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander Sep 2023

A powerful and profound story on death, the afterlife, and Near Death Experience by a man of science. ...more:

Every Man to His Tent

By Mark McMillion Sep 2023

...withdraw from all the tumult and shallowness of the present evil world and find some peace and sanity in your heart. ...more:

The Red Heifer Project

By Jessica Buxbaum Sep 2023

Under Jewish law, the ashes of a red heifer (young female cow) must be scattered across Haram al-Sharif before Jews can ascend it and rebuild the Third Temple. ...more:


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