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Israeli Psychologist finds Jesus

By Dr. Erez Soref Aug 2022

I love listening to stories of how people find and fall in love with Jesus. ...more:

The End of US Hegemony & The Rise Of BRICS

An interview with Benjamin Norton Aug 2022

The geopolitical shift is coming slowly but surely. ...more:

10 Lies of Contemporary Culture

By Dr. Peter Kreeft Aug 2022

Commencement Address at Franciscan University ...more:

News from East Ukraine

Mar 2022

On of my friends wrote me the other day in answer to my question about the condition in the town there about 100km from the front line. ...more:

Masters of War

By Bob Dylan Mar 2022

The winners in war are the ones who sell the weapons. Everybody else looses! ...more:

Notes from a privacy buff

Your mobile phone tracks you! Feb 2022

Up to 12Mb of your data is collected every day without your consent. Most of your favourite apps contain trackers harvesting your location and activities. /e/OS is open source, pro-privacy and fully deGoogled! ...more:

Pity the Powerful

Jan 2022

They say Bill Gates' net worth in 124 billion dollars. Who knows maybe they got it wrong, perhaps it's only 120 billion, or may be more like 200 billion. - What does it matter? ...more:

Mafia and the Powerful

Filmmaker Robert Cibis questions former US vice-minister and investment banker Catherine Austin Fitts Jan 2022

The mechanisms of the interplay between politics and finances. Massive systemic corruption replace democracy with orders and control. Also a discussion about the simple stance that can be taken to minimize further damage. ...more:

A Pandemic Perspective

Nov 2021

Not so long ago I read a book called, "Murder by Injection, The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America" It was written by Eustace Mullins and published in 1988. ...more: