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Noah's Ark Found

in Turkey Sep 2021

Radar scans show pattern of timbers, keels, animal chambers, ramp, door, an open center area for air flow to all three levels. ...more:

The Incredible Design of the Human Genome

By Dr. Robert Carter May 2021

Artificial Intelligence is trivial compared to the mind-blowing design of the genome. ...more:

Why Moses' Version of the Flood is the Most Reliable Ancient Account

Cold-Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace Apr 2021

how could they have known? ...more:

Is Genesis History?

By Dr. Del Tackett Mar 2021

Over a dozen scientists and scholars explain how the world intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. ...more:

God's signature in your D.N.A.

By DR Isiah Rubinstein & Dr. Georgia Purdom Mar 2021

A short video clip from Israeli scientist and a longer video explaning how Genetics is astonishing evidence of a Designer, who created an amazing “information system” for encoding life. ...more:

Tampering with Evidence

By J. Warner Wallace Jan 2021

The universe in which we live appears to be incredibly fine-tuned for the existence of life like ours. What could explain this fine-tuning? ...more:

Water, Ultimate Giver of Life

By Michael Denton Apr 2020

Materialists insist the universe is in no way specially intended for human life. That contention can't survive an encounter with the miracle of this element. - God bless the One who invented water ...more:

The Firmament of Genesis 1

By Genesis Apologetics Jul 2019

does the Universe have a center, and is there water at the edge? ...more: