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World Control

By Charles Lawson Sep 2021

Current events in relation to End Time prophecy including the Great Reset, the Pandemic and the New World Order. ...more:

Isaiah's Song

By Tommy's Window Feb 2021

The day will come when the earth will be a peace. ...more:

Faith, Hope and Love

The essence of God's Kingdom Dec 2020

That's what we long for, what we strive for. That's what will be the norm in the Millennial Kingdom of Christ ...more:

When Is The Rapture?

with Joseph Candel Nov 2020

Is Jesus is coming back any day now to rapture us out of what is fast becoming a nightmare world? This is what many Christians are counting on, because this is what they have been taught. But is this a false expectation? ...more:

Seven Things the Holy Spirit Told Me About America

By Dr. Lester Sumrall Aug 2020

A warning to America 60 years ago. Fulfilled! God spoke to Dr. Lester Sumrall, telling him of things to come in America. He spoke of a departure from the faith of our fathers, and an escalation of paganism and rebellion. ...more:

When He Returns

By Bob Dylan sung by Kevin Max Jun 2020

The climactic ending to the age old struggle between good and evil will culminate in the return of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. ...more:

Is this coronavirus a sign of the end?

By Rev. Danny Jones May 2020

Rev. Danny Jones inspirational Sermon from April 19th, 2020 "Is this coronavirus a sign of the end of the world" and how it relates throughout history, the state of the world now, the 16-year plan to destroy our Nation and the New World Order. And no COVID-19 is not the end. ...more:

When The Man Comes Around

By Johnny Cash May 2020

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash both has raspy voices - and both have enough charisma to capture your attention. Are you ready to meet your maker? ...more:

Thy Merchants were the Great Men of the Earth

A short Bible study May 2020

Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy." ~ 1 Timothy 6:17 ...more: