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Gotta serve somebody

By Natalie Cole Jun 2021

A solid performance of a non-traditional Bob Dylan song from his album "Slow Train Coming"! ...more:

The Truth

By Jordan Peterson May 2021

Jordan Peterson shares life's greatest wisdom on how to become a truthful human. In an Eye-Opening video, Jordan Peterson talks about truth, lies and humanity. ...more:

One perspective on the Pandemic

A pragmatic approach Nov 2020

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the barrage of warnings, debate and constant information in the media. How is someone who is trusting the Lord supposed to look at it? ...more:

God Says...

By Tommy's Window Oct 2020

My grace is sufficient for you ...more:


The sweetest music comes from those Christians who are small in their own estimation and before the Lord. Jul 2020

The gentle virtue that is not being promoted in today's world of competition and proud aggression. - A contemplation and Bible study. ...more:

The Apologist and the Missionary

By Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias May 2020

Their responses are complimentary but at the same time so very different, it takes all kinds to make a world. Francis Chan and Ravi Zacharias are asked questions by the audience. Their responses are complimentary but at the same time so very different. Ravi appeals to the intellectual mind while … ...more:

When The Man Comes Around

By Johnny Cash May 2020

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash both has raspy voices - and both have enough charisma to capture your attention. Are you ready to meet your maker? ...more:

Searching for truth

More about the confusion - written in the Spring of 2020 Mar 2020

Someone wrote me the other day saying, "Oh my where do you find the truth especially where the media is concerned." ...more: