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Israeli Psychologist finds Jesus

By Dr. Erez Soref Aug 2022

I love listening to stories of how people find and fall in love with Jesus. ...more:

10 Lies of Contemporary Culture

By Dr. Peter Kreeft Aug 2022

Commencement Address at Franciscan University ...more:

Comments on "All Along the Watchtower"

By Bishop Robert Barron Jun 2022

A part of a video series from Bishop Barron commenting on modern day culture. ...more:

Thoughts on Salvation?

Can you explain the supernatural? Jun 2022

is it a feeling, and experience, a conviction, a faith or what? ...more:

The trouble with being troubled

what do you do when feeling overwhelmed? Jun 2022

The outlook may not be very promising, but the up-look is great! ...more:


By Christine Caine Apr 2022

55 minutes of passionate preaching by a Greek fireball from Australia. ...more:

A Whole Hearted Soul

By the editor Mar 2022

It was impossible not to love Jørgen Juul - or "Christmas", or "Stephen" or "Jericho Judah with the Banner of Love", or "Angelo" or any of the other names, and bible names, he liked to use. ...more:

Hope Heals

By Jay and Katherine Wolf Aug 2021

Beautiful testimony of the incredible grace of God to persevere in the midst of devastation and loss. ...more:

Quotes from Martin Luther

Jul 2021

Here I stand; I cannot do otherwise, so help me God! ...more: