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Quotes from Martin Luther

Jul 2021

Here I stand; I cannot do otherwise, so help me God! ...more:

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

By Nabeel Qureshi Jul 2021

Answers about Islam and Muslims in the light of Jesus ...more:

What the Bible, Jesus and Christianity are actually all about.

By Tim Mackie Jun 2021

So many people incorrectly assume what Christians believe; that we are trying to live a good life so that hopefully our good outweighs our bad and God will let us go to Heaven rather than Hell. ...more:

Why Moses' Version of the Flood is the Most Reliable Ancient Account

Cold-Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace Apr 2021

how could they have known? ...more:

Is Genesis History?

By Dr. Del Tackett Mar 2021

Over a dozen scientists and scholars explain how the world intersects with the history recorded in Genesis. ...more:

God's signature in your D.N.A.

By DR Isiah Rubinstein & Dr. Georgia Purdom Mar 2021

A short video clip from Israeli scientist and a longer video explaning how Genetics is astonishing evidence of a Designer, who created an amazing “information system” for encoding life. ...more:

Life to Afterlife Death and Back

By Craig McMahon Mar 2021

Interviews with four people that died but came back to life, or also known as NDE, Near Death Experience. Their amazing stories will shock some and comfort others. ...more:

The Old Book

How do we relate to the bible today? Feb 2021

Is it possible to keep your faith in Jesus when you realise the book could be flawed? Should we just forget about the book and maybe even about God? ...more:

Tampering with Evidence

By J. Warner Wallace Jan 2021

The universe in which we live appears to be incredibly fine-tuned for the existence of life like ours. What could explain this fine-tuning? ...more: