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It Doesn't Matter

A lovely song Nov 2022

I used to listen to one of my favorite songs online, but to my disappointment they redesigned the website so I could no longer find it. ...more:

Victory in and Through the Great Tribulation!

with John Patrick and Christopher Glyn Oct 2022

Global calamities escalate by the day! And with increased references to "nuclear" retaliation, is the world thinking the unthinkable and imagining the unimaginable? — How to Prepare and Stay Positive! ...more:

Two songs that break my heart

Oct 2022

Certain songs burn into your heart and they will either haunt you or spur you on for the rest of your days ...more:

My kind of music

from Golden Gate Quartet to The Beatles Sep 2022

As a kid I received a 2nd hand reel-to-reel Tandberg tape recorder as a birthday present. That was the start of my love for music, and it became a big part of my growing up... The Golden Gate Quartet, Sonny Boy Williamson, Oscar Peterson, and later on Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and so on. ...more:

Fixing Junk

By Otto Koning Jul 2022

Another hilarious (but profound) story learned in the Jungle of New Guniea. ...more:

He Was There All the Time

By Tanica Campbell Dec 2020

We forget at times, but God remembers and is always there, He cannot deny Himself ...more:

Heaven is full of sinners

By Jeremy Spencer Dec 2020

Contrary to what some religious bigots think there are open arms and a wide open heart ready to welcome all who call upon his name regardless of circumstances or misdeeds. ...more:

When Is The Rapture?

with Joseph Candel Nov 2020

Is Jesus is coming back any day now to rapture us out of what is fast becoming a nightmare world? This is what many Christians are counting on, because this is what they have been taught. But is this a false expectation? ...more:

Here Comes the Son

By the editor Oct 2020

Did I ever tell you the story of that song, "Here comes the sun"? I believe it was written by George Harrison from the Beatles, and it’s such a bright tune full of hope. ...more: