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Memories and moments in history.

The Clan

My grandfather said in the introduction to his memoirs, "Ars longa, vita brevis"
Wikipedia makes an attempt to explain that saying as follows, "it takes a long time to acquire and perfect one's expertise... and one has but a short time in which to do it". It can be interpreted as "while artists die and are forgotten, art lasts forever"... but it may also refer to how time limits our accomplishments in life.

Life is made of moments and in those moments we make memories. When all the fluff and all the stuff is gone all we have left are the memories, some are precious and some are lessons we can draw from. These are some I have been able to piece together thus far.

Til min bror Peter

den faste klippe

Skrevet 2018 af Povl

Om Mester Mikkelsen

et godt og ærligt menneske

Skrevet 2019 af Povl

Om mine forældre

Elisabeth Dansholm

Af Elisabeth Dansholm

Et tidsbillede fra Morfar

Ferdinand Jonas

Af Ferdinand Jonas
skrevet ca. 1948

Morfars historie, side 2

Ferdinand Jonas

Af Ferdinand Jonas

Morfars historie, side 3

Ferdinand Jonas

Af Ferdinand Jonas

Efterskrift af en efterkommer


Skrevet 2019 af Povl

For Peter & Sara's wedding

the Gemini

By the father of the groom

Trip to the Highlands

visit to Scotland

Around the Fall of 2008

A video blast from the past

visit to Scotland

Thailand around 1984 (I think)