About my life

the up's and the down's...

I have capsized and sunk, I've had scrapes and falls
I've had fears and pain that boggled my brain
I've been sick and been healed, and had plenty close calls
Had distress and despair and have run into walls

I've been a fighter, a coward, and have taken the blame
I've been working and toiling without any gain
I've been butchered and badgered and broken again
I've crossed rivers and mountains and prairies and plains

Slept on bamboo, on silk, and by glowing embers
been a fool and a clown and a certified member
I've stepped on toes, I've made friends and foes
- and more mistakes than I care to remember

I have floated and sunk, I have played and have prayed
I've been lost and been found, have been nice and have strayed
been a square-head, a drifter, a geek and a tramp
been a hero, a freak, and a saint, and a champ

I've been high and been low and have wished I could fly
been a winner, a looser, eaten sweet humble pie
I have lived and have loved, been on bended knee
I've seen places and people with a heart just like me

For more details...

  • I've been a carpenter in Denmark, and a brick-layer in Bangkok.
  • Been a printer in Iceland, a mechanic in Ukraine, and a welder in Italy.
  • Been interviewed in Scotland, and hitch-hiked on Thai army planes.
  • Been robbed in Bratislava, and sung my heart out in Greenland.
  • I've been called "Father Paul" in Kuala Lumpur and "Massa" in Sri Lanka.
  • Scaled mountains in Norway, and strummed 12 strings in Reykjavik.
  • Been shopping in Singapore, and played soccer in Slovakia.
  • Been in trouble in Karachi, had Dengue fever in Bangkok.
  • I've seen civil war in Colombo, and miracles in Malaysia.
  • I've built a studio in Thailand and bunk beds in Penang.
  • Fell off a horse in Iceland, and been busking in Bergen.
  • I've been a chauffeur in Cyprus, and a driver in Sweden.
  • I've raised a windmill, and wandered in Wales.
  • Been frozen in Kiev, and a biker in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Capsized on lake Garda and hiked to Phuket.
  • I've broken down in Poland and limped through Finland.
  • Crossed the Arctic Circle, and been drenched in Delhi.

Each one of these lines could be chapters in my life story. This book is an account of the experiences I had and the events that took place in the late nineties in East Europe.

I'll kick off with a story that will give you a little taste.

A Winter break in Ukraine   ( TOC )