Are we in the End Time?

Did the prophets in the Bible foresee future events? Did it happen? What's yet to happen? What about the so-called "signs of the times"? When will the Lord return?


Eschatology is a part of theology concerned with the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity.. It is an interesting subject and mind-bending to observe the play unfolding. Many have given up trying to understand it and content themselves with quoting, "No man knoweth the day or the hour." Others become dogmatic and defend their interpretation tooth and nail, which seem a bit presumptuous, because things are coming into focus slowly. ~ 1Co 13:12
These things could happen in our lifetime, or it could be far into the future. There seem to be specific events to look for, that hasn't happened yet. So rather than putting a label on everything, here are some videos, articles and posts with a sampling of possible interpretations. The opinions are solely those of the authors and are open for debate and discussion. It is certainly food for thought.



How to interpret prophecy
By the editor

The key to understanding the Acopalypse
Also by the editor


Is the End near?
A chapter from the book, "God on God, an interview with God" By Scott MacGregor

The Return of the King
A compilation

We didn't miss the Rapture
By Scott MacGregor

When Is The Rapture?
An interview with Joseph Candel

The Number, Name, Mark, and Image of the Beast
From Maranatha Global Bible Study

Rumors of the Second Coming
By the editor

Is the USA "Babylon the Great"?
Posted in "Prophecies of Daniel" by Mark McMillion

Did Jesus Christ "Confirm the Covenant"?
And article by Mark McMillion

There is No Justice in Our World?
Eric Margolis is a columnist, author and a veteran of many conflicts in the Middle East.

The New World Order

“Mafia and the Powerful”
investment banker, "it's not about your health it's more about getting everyone digitized."

“The Great Reset”
A Beginner’s Guide...

The Covid Conspiracy
"Bioethics, Eugenics and Death Panels" - a Warning from Peter Koenig

The Coming World Government
An expose by Adrian Salbuchi - written 2011, relevant today!

Coronavirus vs. the Mass Surveillance State: Which Poses the Greater Threat?
Written by John W. Whitehead, March 2020

Technological Takeover
By Joseph Candel

Prophetic Messages

The Stage is Being Set
A prophetic message

The Princess and the Dragon
An allegory by Michael Roy


This is how financial freedom dies (CBDC)
The Governments wants control you through your money

Jesus returns

The Sign of the Son of Man
A song by: Simon Khorolskiy

Are You Willing To Be Illegal To Refuse the Mark of the Beast?
End Time Survivors

Mark of the Beast Documentary
End Time Survivors

Signs of the Times

How Your Cell Phone Spies on You
by Edward Snowden

The Antichrist shall come
interview with Joseph Candel

The Final Stand

Prophetic End Time Video