The Struggle to be Relevant

Written December 2021

grace vs works

It's easy to get addicted to accomplishments. I know that's true for me. I go from one thing to the next just to try to be useful and have things to show for my efforts.

I mean, it's nice to be relevant, to feel your life mean something. To have purpose and meaning with your life.

On the other hand, sometimes we get so busy with our good deeds and sacrificial works that we forget we are saved by grace and not by works. Our self-efforts can become self-worship when we foolishly think we can impress God with the works of our own hands ~ Jeremiah 1:16

Instead of frantically trying to curry favor and please God with all our efforts, some of us might need to learn to simply be - to find the peace in the realization that we are beloved, regardless of ability or endeavors, that we can simply nestle in His arms and find rest.

I don't know if it comes with getting older. After having served the Lord in different capacities and on different fields for many years we feel we need to keep going, to continue to be relevant, to continue to bear fruit, and of course it's wonderful if possible.

I certainly agree with the notion that we should not allow ourselves to be lulled to sleep by the pleasures, goodies and superficial distractions of this temporal world. It's all too easy to get sidetracked by a myriad of less important things, and I am not denying that some Christians need to get off their comfortable butts and get going.

On the other hand we may not all be called to be on the front line waving the banner in order to be fulfilled and needed. Perhaps we have health issues, or we are looking after elderly relatives, or other circumstances keep us from being out there in the trenches.

I suppose there is a time for everything Ecc.3:1, and it takes the leading of the spirit to know when it is time for what. It could be that you still have the get-up-and-go and calling to pioneer new fields or a new ministry, if so power to you!

There was a time for me to pioneer, there has also been times where I was more of a behind the scenes guy. Personally I feel that at this moment in time it might more important for me to be a grandpa and intercede for my family and loved ones to succeed in living fruitful and fulfilling lives.

I have to admit it's not easy to let go of my desire to be relevant, and I have to resist thoughts of condemnation about feeling less useful, but perhaps I just need to rest in the Lord right now and let Him worry about being relevant.

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