The Big Game

By Micky Mantle

A World of evil

This is a message that was received from beyond - if you can believe it...


You might think this is a hoax. I think the words speak for themselves. It seems to me this message from beyond go along with the message Jesus gave in the sermon on the mountain, "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God."

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You may say you don't believe in ghosts or the world of the spirit, but how do you know? Just because you haven't personally seen it yet doesn't mean it doesn't exist. As depicted in numerous books, and popular movies such as "Ghost" and "Always", many of those who have passed on are still around us.

Mantle, Mickey (Charles) (1931 - 1995), American baseball player for the New York Yankees. Mantle was one of baseball's outstanding stars of the '50s and '60s and is considered one of the most popular American sportsmen of the century.

Born in Oklahoma, Mantle was trained by his father and grandfather, both semi-professional baseball players. While in high school, where he played baseball, basketball and football, he sustained a football injury that resulted in a bone-tissue infection in his left leg. The infection was to remain a handicap for much of his professional career.

Mantle joined the Yankees in 1951. During his 17 years with the club he was three times MVP (Most Valuable Player), and led the American League six times in runs scored and four times in home runs. In 1956 he won the Triple Crown for the most home runs, runs batted in and highest batting average. He also played in 12 World Series, where he set records for the most runs, most home runs, and most runs batted in. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

Mantle retired from baseball in 1968. He later coached for the Yankees and also sold life insurance. From 1983-1985 he was barred from any connection with professional baseball for taking up a public-relations job with a gambling casino.

Mantle was a heavy drinker, a problem which eventually resulted in cancer of the liver. Mantle had a liver transplant in June 1995, but doctors soon discovered that the cancer had spread to his lungs. Mantle died of the disease on August 13, 1995.

The Big Game!

(Mickey Mantle speaking:) I'm a typical example of a person who put all that he had into running a race simply for material gain, who put all that he had into living in this physical world as if that's all there was. Just think, a person has all these years to live -- 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years! You have your whole life to grow up, to mature, and to decide what you're going to do with it. How are you going to affect the world? What are you going to live for? What are your values based on?

Are you gonna make your life count? I mean count! I don't mean by hitting 536 home runs or by winning the Triple Crown award. I mean by sinking your life into eternal values! What do you think my successes do for me now? -- The fact that I hit so many home runs, and the fact that I helped the Yankees win so many World Series, and the fact that I'm in the Hall of Fame? What do you think the type of things that I accomplished on earth are doing for me now? Do you think that their value has been carried over into the spirit world? The things that are of eternal value are things like love, joy, peace of mind, and living for other people, things you've done for others.

Let me tell ya, folks, your spirits are eternal. There's no two ways about it! This is no joke, no theorizing. Each of you has a spirit residing in your body, and let me tell ya, that thing is gonna live forever! So you'd better prepare your spirit to get in the best shape possible, as if it was gonna play in the World Series! Because lemme tell ya, when I say the World Series is coming, it is coming! The World Series -- the big one -- hasn't yet happened, but you're on the brink of it!

It all comes down to love! It all comes down to what you do for others. It all comes down to being sacrificial for others. It all comes down to loving those around you -- loving your brothers, loving your sisters, loving your boss, loving your mother, loving your father, loving your wife, loving your children. I'm talking about real, sacrificial love. This is what it comes down to!

Sad to say, I was an icon, an idol, and I went, as they say, "the way of all flesh." Lemme tell you, I paid for my indulgences! I paid with my liver, I paid with my lungs, I paid with my stomach, and I paid with my heart. I hope that you all can just take a simple look at my life and see what it did to me.

Oh, it's not that I lived such a bad life. You all say, "But listen, this was the great Mickey Mantle, this was my hero!" Yeah, but what I'm saying, folks, is not that what I did was bad, because it wasn't so bad. It wasn't like I was the greatest sinner in the world. But I'm talkin' about what I gave my heart and my soul to, and what it's produced for me now. Let me tell you, it hasn't produced that much!

But at least I made it here. Thank God I made it! I made it simply because I finally yielded and asked the Son of love to come into my heart. I finally yielded and acknowledged Jesus. That's all I did! That's all I had to do. I just had to acknowledge that, "Yes, You're real! -- Take over!" That's all He wanted. He just wanted my agreement. He just wanted me to acknowledge Him. So I made it! And I'm happy now!

Yes, Jesus can accept even an old sinner like me, because that's who He came to earth for, the sinners! His only criteria is whether you receive Him or not. By sinners, I don't mean some demonic, wicked, evil, vile people. I just mean normal people like you and me -- that's who He came for. He didn't come for those who think they're so good. He didn't come to try to make you so perfect and so hoity-toity and so righteous that you think you're better than others. That's not Jesus, let me tell ya! He's simply a man who came to earth to give His love to us.

I wanna tell ya all right now that the great World Series is comin', and it's gonna be a battle between those who are giving their hearts and their lives and their souls for love, and those who are giving their hearts and their lives and their souls for themselves. This is the dividing line! These are the two teams. And it looks like a lot of people are lining up on the wrong side.

If I was ever any kind of an icon for you folks, and if I was ever any kind of an idol, or any kind of a person to look up to, well, I'm tellin' ya to listen up to this now: Ya need to align yourselves with the right team! By saying this, I don't mean the self-righteous, holier-than-thou church team. You all know me better than that! I'm saying the love team! By love, I mean real love, sacrificial love. Love that will go any length to love someone else, that'll give itself for someone else. That's the team that's gonna win. Except this is no game -- this is what's going on for real!

I'll tell ya, one of the big boys on the other side is that old man greed, that old devil. You know what I'm talking about! Yeah, I know it might sound funny coming from me, but folks, that's what it boils down to: Greed versus love, plain and simple! Which direction you're going determines which side you're on. Let me tell you, you are gonna end up with ashes between your teeth if you're on the wrong side! Are you giving love to others? Are you trying to love others? Or are you living for yourself, selfishly and greedily?

I'm speaking from my heart, and there are some of you out there right now who know I'm speaking from my heart! Right, Merylyn? Danny? You know what I'm talking about! You know how I felt before I passed over, before I passed on. You know the remorse I felt. For goodness' sake, it was published in the newspapers!

Thank God for Bobby! Thanks, Bobby, I just wanna tell ya thanks. You're a true friend! I couldn't have made it without ya! You really spoke the truth, boy! Whew! Thank God for true friends. You know who I'm talking about, right? -- Bobby Richardson [9], he helped get me in! Now I know what he said was the truth.

Come on! Now's the time to sink your life into something good! So do it, damn it! Don't be like I was. Don't waste it away! Don't blow it off! My God, if I could tell you anything, I've gotta tell you that if you wanna be in this Hall of Fame up here, if you wanna be in the starting line-up, now is your chance to get on the team that's gonna count and that's really gonna mean something. I'm not playing a game! This is serious business, because it has to do with your eternity, with something that's gonna be around forever.

I'm just askin' ya to stop for a minute and look into your heart, and make a conscious decision about which direction you're gonna go. You can make the right decision regardless of what you're involved in or what you're doing. If you make the right choice, God won't judge you by your past. His love and forgiveness is big enough for everyone! -- It doesn't matter if you're a prostitute. It doesn't matter if you're taking drugs. It doesn't matter if you're a businessman and you're taking cocaine on the side. It doesn't matter if you're part of the Mafia. It doesn't matter if you're a corrupt cop. It doesn't matter if you're a cheating wife. It doesn't matter if you're an unfaithful husband. It doesn't matter if you've lied to your boss. It doesn't matter if you're a robber. It doesn't matter what you are, or what you've done, you now have a chance to make the right decision, to start going the right way, and He'll take you where you're at. God is forcing everybody, right now, to make a decision in their own heart as to what team they're gonna play on.

I'm beggin' you, if you can learn anything from my life on earth, it's to learn that you've got to do something for somebody else! Just do something for somebody else, okay? Try it! See if it's gonna work. See if it doesn't rebound to you! See if it doesn't come back to you!

Just try to put a little real love into somebody else's heart. Just try it, okay? I mean, even something little, like getting up from your chair and pouring a cup of coffee for the person sitting there. Just stop for a second, quietly look at him or her and think, "What do they want? What is something of real value, of real love value, that I can do for them now?"

Or as you're reading this, think of who's downstairs, or who's in the other room, or whoever it is that you're involved with there in your life, and just think of one tiny little thing that you can do for them. God will tell ya. Your conscience will tell ya. Your soul will tell ya. You'll hear something. You'll get an idea. You'll hear a voice. You'll get something that'll tell ya what it is. Then go do that little thing. Just go do it! Because you know what that means? That means you've taken the first step. You've taken the first little baby step, and that's all it takes to show what side you're on. Keep it up, and I'm sure you'll see some results.

But when ya do it, you've gotta do it not expecting anything in return, okay? Don't do it expecting to get something back, because then it's not real love. Do it sacrificially. Give up a little bit of your time. If it's your son or daughter, just give'm a little bit of your time. Don't expect anything in return. That's what it's all about. It's plain and simple, okay? There're only two ways to go, either out for others, or in for yourself.

So I'm just begging ya to try to do some little thing for somebody else, and see what kind of results you get. Then think about it and ask yourself, "Isn't it worth it?" These are the things that count up here -- the little deeds of kindness, the little bits of love. Like the song goes, "It's the little things that make the kingdom stand!" Little bits of kindness and love are building blocks up here. Little bits of kindness that people have done on earth have created mansions for them here -- mansions built out of kindness! It's just wonderful!

Do ya know what I'm like up here? Well, I'll tell you. First of all, I'm happy! I'm really happy, because it's like I've been born again, like a little baby. That's what I am, folks, I'm just a baby compared to a lot of others up here, because I didn't do very much to grow in the spirit down there. I didn't become a very mature spiritual person while I was on earth. By "spiritual," I don't mean somebody that was perfect or righteous, I just mean somebody that had mature values and qualities. I didn't get much of that while I was there, so I've ended up kind of like a baby up here, more or less. But I'm still happy and just thankful to be here. It's not like I got a raw deal. It's just that I'm learning and have a lot of catching up to do.

God takes you where you're at! He takes you exactly where you're at and He brings you along. There's no big put-down because you're only at a certain level of maturity. You're accepted the way you are, and you learn to accept yourself where you're at, and you take it from there. So that's what I'm doin'. I'm taking it from there and I'm learning a lot. It's like I'm this little babe walkin' around with a big huge bat, ha! -- 'Cause the only thing I could do was hit that ball and run. But as far as what it did for my spirit, it's like I'm a little spiritual dwarf. But, I'll tell ya, up here people love you anyway. I'm really happy, and I am just so thankful to be here! It's a gas! I love it! I wanna see you folks here, too! I wanna see all of you here!

(Long pause.) It just makes me cry to see the opportunities I had in my life, and to see what I did with them. It's a funny thing how things work up here -- they work just the opposite of the way ya think on earth! I mean, some of the people who were the littlest, most insignificant people on earth are some of the greatest heroes up here, because they have the most love. So they're the biggest spirits around, you know? They're the ones who have grown and have learned and have matured. They're the real adults around here! They're the real mature spirits, the ones who know something about hearts and about giving.

Let's face it, the only way to grow spiritually is to give to others. As long as you keep taking for yourself, you're just like a little baby. It's such a simple fact of life. Such a simple basic truth. You don't grow until you start giving, sacrificially giving. Once you start sacrificially giving, your spirit grows a little bit and you become a more mature person. As soon as you start taking, you regress a little bit. You become like a little baby.

Just take a look at how a baby grows. When babies are first born they only think of themselves, they're selfish. As they grow, a sign of their growth is when they learn to get out of themselves, to reach out, to get away from mommy, to step out like an older person. Well, the same thing happens with your spirits. Your spirits need to grow the same as your bodies grow.

You know what? There're so many spiritual dwarfs walkin' around down there on earth, it's pitiful -- including some of the "biggest" people, some of the most famous people! You'd be surprised! Some of you fame-seekers -- and I'm speakin' to you as one who knows, and one who was on somewhat of your level -- how mature are you spiritually, huh? What is your spirit like? Are you still grabbin' things like a little six-month-old, huh? Are you still a little toddler, grabbin' things for yourself, pushin' people over? Well, that's what it comes down to, man. What're you doin' with your spirit? Are you pushin' people around? Are you grabbin' things for yourself? Well, plain and simple, you're still a little baby! There's no question about it!

Hey, listen, I'm not tellin' ya this to knock you around or to put you down, I'm just trying to tell ya the facts, plain and simple! If, in your heart, you're still grabbing things for yourself, then that is where you are at, spiritually. This is the state of your spirit, the state of your mind; you're just a little kid! All I'm sayin' is, grow up a little bit! And the only way to grow is to get out of yourself and start doing something for others!

Look around you! There's lots of good writing about thinking of others instead of yourself. Take heed to it! Listen up! Listen to what some of these people say. Hey, let me tell ya, there're some people down there that have some good things to say, some good spiritual things.

I was no example, I admit that, okay? But I've been given this chance to speak, so I'm gonna speak my heart out till you're sick of hearin' me! I'm not gonna give up until ya get the point. For once I'm gonna hit the longest home run that I ever hit. I'm gonna drive this point home until you're so sick of me you're gonna wanna shut the book and walk away for a while! If I accomplish anything, I hope I get this point across, to force you to take a look at yourself and measure your own spiritual condition. -- And then do something about it!

These decisions you make are extremely important. The teams are being chosen now. You can't dilly-dally too much longer, or pretty soon it's gonna be too late. The game is already started, it's in motion, and if you don't choose to be on the giving side and on the loving side, then you're simply gonna be swept away by the greed side.

Greed is gonna come out so strong and be forced onto the world in such a heavy way that there'll hardly be any resistin' it -- except for those who have staked their claim on this truth that I speak to you now, the truth of love and of giving yourself for others. It's going to be a battle between those who are living for love and those who are living for themselves in greed. Look at what's happening with your own government. Just look, and tell me if you can't see what's happening. Keep your eyes open and watch! And by the way, don't believe everything you hear on the news, either.

But if you stand upon the truth and make your stand for love, then my God is gonna protect you! He's a God of love. He's not a God of hate. He's not a God that looks down on you with scorn. He's simply a God of love. And if you give a little love, He'll bring you along one step at a time. Just take a little step, and He'll carry you through.

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