Morning Prayer


Waking up from a troubled dream

I wake up from a busy dream
anxious, frantic - so it seems
I open up my eyes and look around
the whirring of the fan, the only sound

My bedroom cradled in a gentle breeze
the bed is soft, I am at peace
however troubled from the things I saw
it almost felt as I was in a war

I look around the room and feel relief
the sunshine sweeping in remove the grief
I'm safe and sound and life is sweet
my every want supplied with all I need

Many loved ones to be thankful for
impossible for me to count the score
roof over head, food on the table
sufficient strength to still be able

I cannot murmur or complain
so many others are in pain
in war and want and in despair
with rockets flying from the air

Oh God please help them to find peace
let guns go silent, I beg You please
do stop the fighting and the shame
protect and save in Jesus name!

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