Inch by Inch

Some thoughts on how to cope

Inch by Inch

I was wondering how to get through the next few months, there are so many uncertainties so many unanswered questions, and so many decisions to make.

It might be the case for many of us, not just when looking at the confusing world we live in, but for our individual situations as well, whether it is about health, future or family.

I started out 40 some years ago full of energy and zest wanting to change the world and I found other like-minded people to work with. Now looking back and thinking about it, did we make a dent? The world has changed for sure but I wonder if it got better. Did we have an impact, was it any good?

I know, I know, you can always say that every good deed did something good for someone, maybe just for one person, and that person's life may have changed for the better. But overall I'm sometimes wondering if the world has gotten any better?

Some things may be better. In general people live longer. There is greater access to information, and technology has made life easier in many ways. On the other hand the inequality gap has increased exponentially, and we are not doing as very good job of taking care of the environment.

Someone told me there is a new generation on the way with intelligence, education and energy to improve things. Some young people are going back to the land armed with education and know-how determined to avoid the mistakes of the past. I hope and pray they will succeed.

As for my generation, we are getting older and our strength is vaning. Will we be able to adapt and cope with all that is coming at us?

Those were some of the thoughts I had this morning when I was reminded of the advise the Lord gave recently, "this time you just have to take it inch by inch, moment by moment, day by day" - that was an encouragement to me, like that verse in Matthew 6:34

I asked the Lord is that was still the way I should be looking at things, and this is what came...

"Yes, inch by inch is for you at this time. I will be a lamp for your foot and a light for your way one step at the time. This is what it means to live in the eternal now. For you who are bound by time this is what it means. See the beauty of each moment, look up and live. When you look into My face all the insignificant troubles of the world will fade away. Yes, there is much darkness around, much confusion, many lies and deceits, but up here all is light and beauty and righteousness, mercy, grace and forgiveness, and you need a lot of that to counter the influences of the world."

I hope this can be an encouraging thought to someone.

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