Here Comes the Son

By the editor


Did I ever tell you the story of that song, "Here comes the sun"? I believe it was written by George Harrison from the Beatles, and it’s such a bright tune full of hope.

It has a special significance for me and it always reminds me of something that took place long time ago when our little three-person translating team were living in a camper in South Denmark.

We met a sweet young couple at the camp-ground. He was into CB radios and had a huge antenna above his rather large trailer. We were of course telling him about our beliefs, but as the typical Dane at that time he didn’t have much time for spiritual matters.

Some time passes and we kept on good neighbourly terms. We saw each other regularly and visited now and again.

One afternoon he came over and we were sitting around the table while a cassette tape with a mix of songs was playing softly through the speakers. This time it seemed our friend was more receptive to hear about our faith so we were able to explain to him how he could have Jesus come into his life just by asking him.

This time he listened intently and seemed broken and desperate for answers, so even though it was hard for his pride to swallow he was willing to try – what did he had to loose?

Just as he had finished praying to receive Jesus that song came on, “Here comes the sun” and it was exactly like, “here comes the SON!” We all looked at each other in amazement and broke into big smiles - it was as if the angels were singing along.

Runtime about 3 minutes

Published on YouYube in July 2018

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