Does God stoop to our level?

We cannot fathom Him, but perhaps He relate to us.


We all see God in a different way, based on our culture, experiences and imagination.

I was thinking about the many arguments you hear about how people picture God, "He is like this or He is like that."

I remember talking with someone in Iceland who was into Nordic mythology. They talk about Odin, Tor and Freya, almost like the trinity. And the evil Midgard Serpent that could swallow up the World, like the Devil in the Bible. I don't know, but perhaps God lets us picture things that we can relate to. In other words, He takes us where we are at.

Think about the different accounts people give of their after-life experiences. There are many similarities, but also different scenarios and specific things people tell about what they see and feel. But in spite of the different accounts the underlying feeling of being loved and accepted and forgiven is usually the same.

It seem to me that God is very accommodating, that He doesn't mind adapting things to our understanding as individuals.

I am tempted to picture God as a stage manager, or a movie director who will set the stage and the different scenes to suit our taste and preferences and what we can understand and relate to. Whether we have grown up in the East or in the West we are all a product of the input we received while growing up, our likes and dislikes, our biases and prejudices, fears, phobias and faith - God knows that! He knows all about our individual cultural background, environment, DNA and experiences. He knows how we think and what we are familiar with. John 2:25

Sometimes when praying different people get different word-pictures, but did you ever experience that somehow they still seem to fit together. It is as if the Lord knows what we as individuals can relate to or what will "click" with us, so even if the wording or the pictures we see are different the answers compliment each other and point in the same direction.

I touched on this in my discourse on hearing from the Lord, He gives us what we have faith for and what we as individuals can relate to.

Jesus compared The Kingdom of God to a lot of different things, "a field, seed, treasure, a pearl, a net, a household, a King with servants who have talents, a household of labourers, a tree, a wedding feast, a marriage, leaven, a mustard seed, and so on.

The truth in the parables Jesus told is universal, at the same time I am sure they also related specifically to the individuals who were listening at the time.

If God is the great Creator of everything, from the atom to the Universe, then His power and understanding is way beyond anything we humans can fathom, but maybe, just maybe, because He is Love, and because He loves us and wants relationship with His own creation, perhaps He is okay with stooping to our level and explain things to us in a way our finite minds can understand and relate to.

What do you think?

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