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Some Reflections

Today is all that matters

Tomorrow may never come

This was something I got when asking he Lord if He had anything to tell me. Perhaps it can ring true for someone else. ...more

Morning Prayer

Waking up from a troubled dream ...more

Who are the real Super Heroes?

By the editor

I enjoyed the movie "Wonder Woman." There is something thrilling about watching a strong determined woman warrior overcoming evil and righting the wrongs in the World. ...more

The story of my Healing Journey

I wrote something in, I’m in Two Minds about Healing where I accepted that letting the doctors help cure me is likely a part of my journey. ...more

Anger Management

How do you keep from blowing your stack?

With wanton abuse of the innocent, callous profiteering from arms sales, for youth to become cannon fodder. With the lies in the media and and corruption in governments it's difficult not to blow a fuse. ...more

An Unexpected Encounter

By Paul

I was tired from doing some work in the morning, so I went to take a rest... ...more

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