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 What if the Worst Happens?

By Vaneetha Risner
Replacing “what if” with “even if” is one of the most liberating exchanges we can ever make.

 Divine Guidance

By Virginia Brandt Berg
Do you believe that God has a plan for your life? Are you determined to find and follow that plan?

 How Rob Bell Became a "Heretic"

By Ideas Digest
Is Rob Bell really a heretic? Or did he discover that the words from the sacred texts are far removed from today's average American church?... and many other things.


By Keith Giles
Is God no where, or is God now here? Trying to explain quantum physics.

 When God Says No

By Vaneetha Risner
Have you ever asked, even begged, God for something that would have been easy for him to do and seemed consistent with his will, but the answer was “no”?

 A New Creation

By Richard Rohr
For Paul, salvation is something that is actually experienced. He wrote about the experience in so many ways because he was always trying to get a handle on it.

 Did My Sacrifice Even Matter?

By Vaneetha Risner
We may have given up everything without much to show for it. We have no outcome we can boast about, no lasting fruit we can point to, no story to encourage others with.

 The Commandment for Peace

By Richard Rohr
"But I say to you, love your enemies..." These are the most radical, political, and revolutionary words ever uttered.

 The Best Of Gerry Asmus

Nightlight Show # 272
A good hour of good songs for your perusal - enjoy!

 Bowing to a King

By Richard Rohr
God has communicated in a million ways that “I am your power,” but we do not believe and trust what we cannot see or prove. Instead, we bow down to lesser kings (like institutions, nations, wars, ideologies, etc.)

 Ex-Muslim sparks Christian revival in Iran

By Dr. Hormoz Shariat
God impressed on his heart, "I am going to do a great work in Iran and change that nation forever, and I am giving you the honour to be a part of it."

 In beautiful Serbia

By Anna
Rather than a chronological account of our trip, which took about 8 days, I thought to go by topics. Many of the pictures tell the story.

 Buddha Prophecy about The Holy One

By Johan Peters & Dennis Edwards
Ed: I lived in Thailand for five years and had learned that Buddha pointed to Jesus hundreds of years before He arrived, but I never knew the details until now.

 I Hate Prayer

By Amy Chumbley
There I said it. I think I heard you gasp in horror. I feel ashamed for saying it. But let me tell you why.

 An Open Letter to U.S. Christians from a Palestinian Pastor

By Munther Isaac
In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus didn’t say, “Blessed are the peace prayers.” He said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

 Do the Next Thing

By Vaneetha Risner
These simple four words that have fueled me through the mundane and the monumental. Somehow they brought clarity and strength when I needed it. Direction when I felt overwhelmed.

 That Preacher of Peace

By Brian Zahnd
When slight change is perceived as positive we call it progress. But paradigmatic change, radical change is another thing altogether. We call that revolution.

 Nightlight show 267 "Daniel 12 and Christianity In The USA"

With Mark McMillian
A conversation about how to make sense of what's going on and where we stand in regards to the Time of the End.

 Audio: Follow God and live by faith

By William Lane Craig
I relate to his story, my experience with Jesus was similar and my life of faith, although not academic, has been similar. ~ Paul

 EmBracing Your Imperfections

By Vaneetha Risner
As a child, I tried to hide my limp. I wanted to walk as straight as I could so people wouldn’t see my disability. I needed to look normal. I wanted to fit in.

 Who Cares what God wants? Most Christians don't.

By Keith Giles
Building holy structures and obsessing about sin has little to do with what God wants.

 Does Your God Recycle?

By Pete Enns
The act of reimagining God in ways that reflect our time and place is self-evident, unavoidable, and necessary."

 Quakers: That of God in Everyone

By Paul Buckley & Thomas Hamm
Quakers, or "Friends" are fiercely opposed to war and opression, this has led them to play a pivotal role in history.

 The Greater Commission

By Keith Giles
“What are the commands of Jesus that you are actively obedient to on a daily basis?”

 The media exaggerates negative news.

By Steven Pinker, The Guardian
Ed: Keep in mind this article is from 2018. With the Pandemic negative news has risen exponentially!

 My Gift to You

A message from Jesus
My love brings peace of mind when you are confused, rest when you are weary, and strength when you feel you cannot go on.

 Calling Christianity Back To Repentance

By Keith Giles
Don’t let the cement of your faith harden. Remain teachable. Hold loosely to your doctrines.

 God's Outlaw

William Tyndale Story full movie 1986
A simple God-seeking man, William Tyndale somehow became one of the most wanted men in England and all of Europe. The task was translating the Bible into English.

 John Wycliffe: The Morningstar

Peter Howell | Michael Bertenshaw | James Downie
John Wycliffe is a dramatic biography of the life of the 14th century scholar and cleric who translated the Bible into English for the first time.

 Biological Weapons

Why We Need a Ban on Dangerous Gain-of-Function Research posted a video explaining why we need to ban biological weapon's research

 Providence, Politics, & Peace

By Bruxy Cavey
Here are some thoughts on how Christ-followers can experience inner peace even when living under unjust, ungodly, or even just unstable political powers.

 Her Name Was Luna

By Keith Giles
The first thing I did when I got back from the war was to bury my gun in the back yard... Not that I expected it to grow. Quite the opposite. I hoped to lay all my memories of blood and death to rest once and for all.

 Why I Don’t Own A Gun

By Brian Zahnd
I don’t own a shotgun or a hunting rifle for the same reason I don’t own golf clubs...

 “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”

By Mark McMillion
A viewpoint about the current chaotic conditions in the world

 Changing Ourselves, Not the Other

By Fr. Richard Rohr
It's so easy to judge and critique the injustices around us, but...

 A Year with Covid: can sadness and appreciation coexist?

By Anna
In her blog Anna is looking back over the year

 Christmas and prophecy

By Mark McMillion
Fulfillment of prophecy is one of the greatest proofs of a supernatural God who has a plan for mankind and is steering events toward an ultimate showdown between Light and Darkness.

 Giants: Who Really Rules The World?

Abby Martin interview with Peter Phillips
The world is going off the rails for one simple fact: "The love of money is the root of all evil" maybe that's why Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and Mammon!" - here's proof!

 Why Did God Create Angelic Beings?

By Cold Case Christianity
There are good reasons to believe angelic beings exist... But another question still lingers: why did God create angel beings exist in the first place?

 An Experimental Fellowship

By Simon Wenham
George Müller (1805–1898) is less known for the life-changing discovery he made in 1841, which lay behind the deep joy and faith that defined and drove his ministry.

 Does the Bible Give Us Access to Absolute Truth?

By Jared Byas, M.A.
Co-author on Pete Enn's site - in the last chapter of my book you will see I tend to agree with his take on the subject.

 Death To The Status Quo!

By Keith Giles
Is salvation a one time thing or a constant process - or perhaps both?

 A Call to Beauty

By Tripp Bond
A contemplation in beauty, truth and how they are intrinsically connected

 Solidarity Instead of Judgment

By Fr. Richard Rohr
You can draw a circle to shut people out, or draw a wide circle to bring people in.

 The Mysterious Sator Square

By Keith Giles
A cryptic sign from the early church era

 Ordinary Miracles (Podcast)

By Sarah Bessey Kate Bowler

 A Perennial Wisdom

About Julian of Norwich

 How "the End" May Begin

By Mark McMillion

 My Journey Into Atheism

By Christa Black Gifford

 The "Backside" of God

By Fr. Richard Rohr


By Mark McMillion

 Coronavirus: A Biblical, Historical Perspective

By Reverend Dr. Christian Hofreiter

 Heavenly Homes

By David Brandt Berg - 1974

 Love Alone Overcomes Fear

By Fr. Richard Rohr

 This Is Messiah

By Cesar Carballo

 Bringing children to Jesus

By Mark Mcmillion

 Jars of Clay

By Margaret Manning Shull

 Splitting the Adam

By Bruxy Cavey

 Is God green?

By Mark McMillion


By Richard Rohr


By Brian Zahnd

 Revolution - The Beatles

By Brian Zahnd
More musical insights

 On Love of Nation

By Brian Zahnd

 Daily habits

By Mark McMillion

 To Build and to Plant

By Mark McMillion

 The Coming World Government

By Adrian Salbuchi

 Escape from Darkness

By Mike Wild

 Tired of Doing Good

By Amy Carroll

 Awaken Me to Today

By Scott Hubbard

 So I quit drinking

By Sarah Bessey

 Getting Life Back on Track

By Marvin Kehler

 The maligning of early Christianity

By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

 Your Life Comes Down to 1 Word

By Marcel Schwantes

 A Formula For Atheism

By Brian Zahnd

 God's Mayor in Guatemala

By Dale Hanson Bourke

 Cured of "Versitis"

By Jeff K. Clarke

 How we read the book of Genesis

With Jeff Blackburn & Dr. John Walton

 Living by faith

By Mark McMillion

 Soil With A Soul

By Brian Zahnd

 Pope Francis' hopes for greater equality in the distribution of wealth

Vatican News
Pope Francis talks about an "ambivalence" created by the world of finance and commerce.

 Give Change a Bear Hug

By Curtis Peter van Gorder

 A Legacy of Billy Graham

By Dena Johnson

 Things kids like and love

By Alastair McAlpine

 The Really Big One

By Kathryn Schulz

 Twenty-Two Days

By Brian Zahnd

 Drawing circles

By Mark McMillion

 Waiting For God To Act

By Brian Zahnd

 In Jordan, an empowering solution for UN-run refugee camps

By Fred­er­ick M. Leh­manTaylor Luck


By Daniele Bendandi

 Beyond the Wittenberg Door

By Brian Zahnd
Reformation wasn’t nearly radical enough. The new Protestant churches quickly became the state churches of the emerging nation-states of Northern Europe. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

 America's Descent into Triviality

By John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera

 A Crutch or a Cross

By Simon Wenham

 Creation is Groaning

By Lisa Sharon Harper

 Slay the Dragon!

By Peter A.

 A Final Lecture

By Lorna Dyck

 Being rich wrecks your soul.

By Charles Mathewes and Evan Sandsmark

 The Definition of Freedom

By Dr. Kelly Flanagan

 Atheism Was An "Error"

By James Bishop

 How many points?

By Paul Young

 Six Evidences of a Young Earth

by "Answers in Genesis"

 The Rapture

By Mark Mcmillion

 A little known 9-11 Story

With Lorna Subritzky

 Hold On

By Activated

 The War you don't see

By John Pilger

 21st Century Christianity

Christian Stories & Great Inspirations
At 21st Century Christianity We Know that With all the Wiz, Bam, & Boom of Today's High Tech, Some Things Still Never Change! The Human Hearts' Need for Love, Truth, Hope, Salvation, & Real Friendship are Things that Will Not Vary. They are a Fundamental Part of our Essence and Nature. Come With Us …

 Citizenship in heaven

By Mark McMillion

 The Gospel Isn't a Rule Book

By Thomas Christianson

 A World of Idols

By Timothy Keller

 Love Will Reign

By Jerry Paladino

 The Mystic Revolution

By Daniele Bendandi

 Thinking of home schooling? Me, too.

By Allison Barrett Carter

 Here's what we want

By Bernie Sanders

 The General's Son

By Miko Peled

 Hairbrush Experience

By Beth Moore

 Making Jesus Accessible

By Carl Medearis

 Pope Francis

By Kris Valotton

 Muslim Refugees Finding Jesus

By Nadette De Visser


By Dr. Robert Lanza

 The Middle-Age Surge

By David Brooks

 Love Mercy

By Greg Boyd

 Lessons for Today's Church

By J. Warner Wallace

 Are You Awed By God?

By Lynne Shaffer

 The cab driver story

By Anonymous

 Gaddafi's Last Speech

By Muammar Gaddafi, April 17, 2011

 The Digital Resistance

By Joel Achenbach

 The Value of Generosity

By Ramit Sethi

 Giving Up Is the Enemy of Creativity

By Brian J. Lucas, Loran Nordgren

 Addicted to Distraction

By Tony Schwartz

 Loving God

By Mark McMillion

 Did the Bible get it wrong?

By Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe

 Gene editing debate

By Lauran Neergaard

 Merkel's Call

By Mark McMillion

 Abolishing Cash

By Paul Joseph Watson

 My Heart In Your Hands

By Jerry Paladino

 On Care for our Common Home

from Pope Francis

 Love on the #45 bus

from San Francisco Chronicle

 The World is a Wonderful Place

by Stephen in True Stories

 The Small, Happy Life

by David Brooks, NY Times

 Shaking Up the Status Quo in Nepal

By Glencorse & Shakya, NY Times

 Put God first

by Denzel Washington

 The Moral Bucket List

~ David Brooks - New York Times

 Whack the Gopher

by Maria Doehler -

 1,500 Medical Studies Declare

Healing Power of Prayer Undeniable

 Knights and Mirrors

by Maria Doehler

 Growing in Love

By Maria Fontaine

 God Knows

A compilation

 The Lure of Orthodoxy - 4

by Daniele Bendandi

 Run To Freedom

The Story Of Josiah Henson
A the slave and his tribulations and adventures.

 How to Be Free in Faith

Instead of a Slave to Religion-Made Certainty

 How You Can Get Started

on Anything in 13 Minutes

 The Lure of Orthodoxy - Part 2

by Daniele Bendandi

 The Whites of Their Eyes

by Mark McMillion

 The Lure of Orthodoxy

by Daniele Bendandi

 Rise of the machines

World News for World Changers

 life after death?

Have scientists proved it? - Daily mail

 Facing the Canon

with Paul Young ('The Shack' Author)

 As My Father Sent Me

Words from Jesus

 The Internet's Own Boy

The Story of Aaron Swartz

 In the Meantime

by Andy Stanley

 How Do I Share What I Believe?

By J. Warner Wallace

 Fast Forward to the Future

By Scott MacGregor

 Lover of Our Souls

A compilation

 Responsible Earthlings

by Richard Johnston

 Our Babylonian Captivity

By Mark McMillion

 Watch Your Windshield

By Maria Doehler

 Walking in the New

Words from Jesus

 The End is Near?

By Mark McMillion


By Peter Amsterdam

 The Gift of Perspective

By Maria Doehler

 That Broken Place

by Maria Doehler

 Forgive One Another

A compilation

 Broken Dreams?

by Janet Kluck
A Podcast

 British Football Player's Faith

Surpasses Impossible Odds

 "Meeting Jesus" - Yvonne Sneeden

After Death Experience

 Investing in the Future

by Woodrow Kroll

 Jonah and Me

by Scott MacGregor

 What E'er Thou Art

Act Well Thy Part

 A heartfelt prayer

from a Syrian pastor

 When the Bible Seems Boring

An Activated article

 Journey to Gragau

By Allan Trenholm (Sequel to Journey to Tricon)

 God of Wonders

Via Fight for your Faith Blog

 The Cashless Society is Here

By Joseph Candle
What does it mean for you?